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    TP-Link model tl-wr840n 9v connected to 12v battery

    Chance is very good yes, might not immediately but eventually will.
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    Unions want government to find money to counter the effects of the coronavirus

    Switch on the light I'll help you find it.... O wait
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    Sona 2020

    Lol, how big is that first year crop of yours, next year they down 50% attendance, the year thereafter even more. Smell the flowers, your reality is skewed. Yes there are top performers, our school system is not the reason they are performing.
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    Sona 2020

    30% pass mark.. Not sure what they are passing.. But yes they passed
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    Do you think SAA should be rescued?

    The 5 that voted djulle gesuip of op tik ???
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    CSGO Sticky thread

    Will have to show Ragnar this one :D
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    The Audi Thread

    This is a feeler post, for the V6 Tdi lovers. I might need to sell my baby, to get a small boring noddy car, the wife outright refuses to drive my A6. Details of car: 2010 A6 V6 Tdi Tiptronic, Silver, Sunroof, 4 New Hankook Ventus V12 tyres, PDC front and back, MMI with harddrive and bluetoothe...
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    Web Squad ISP

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    Web Squad ISP

    Not really a WS issue as multiple networks affected. Anybody an idea what's cooking with WhatsApp media up and download failing?
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    Best Internet Satellite Provider for SA ?

    Sattelite is last last resort, bandwidth is very limited normally contended as well, unless you have very deep pockets. Latency introduces other issues with real-time services. So if you are on a 20000 hectare farm in the middle of nothing then you might get your email downloaded via sat. Sorry...
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    Audi Q5 Reducing Agent Pump packing up

    Yes, you have to fill the little tank. In EU you find it at petrol stations everywhere. In SA not so common.
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    Corruption will be dealt with severely, warns Ramaphosa

    There are people in the ANC who hold different opinions on many issues and they articulate them differently.
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    South Africa must reform or it's "game over"

    They have been reforming SA into the ground the last +-20 years, what is the magic bullet this time round. Everything is declining but lets continue reforming. (read steeling)
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    Web Squad ISP

    Geez man, I am sure they know and it will be fixed after the holiday period. Let them be...
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    Electric fence question

    What cable are you using? Proper HT electric fence cable is UV stable and will not corrode. Find the one with the aluminium core.
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    Was Eskom really sabotaged?

    Lol, as you were...
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    Was Eskom really sabotaged?

    Aaag just please stop posting this drivel, trying to justify your poor choices. Do you enjoy Loadshedding? Do you get that warm and fuzzy feeling everytime the power goes out, knowing you had a hand in this mess?
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    @riscbroker I will update as I go, need to get a SV first. The Valves are KLD20S with the BD3 wiring pattern. To give you the whole picture, this is to change between my two hot water systems in my house. Solar geyser (No Element) and Gas geyser, they both feed my house with hot water...
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Cool thanks for helping, I appreciate it a lot. Just checking something, the dry contact basically makes the SV become a relay trigger ie. garage doors, gates etc In my scenario I need to power the valve as well so I assume I would need to use it in its out of box state, +- input and +- on...