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    Which day will be the 1st day of the national lockdown?

    Will day 1 of the lockdown be Thursday or Friday?
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    Estate Agent trying to cancel deal

    I need some advice for a friend. They signed an OTP on a propety for R50k less than the asking price and it was accepted. The estate agent called a few days later requesting them to cancel the deal because he has a cash buyer for the full asking price. The same day their bond got approved. Now...
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    Short Term Insurance Help or Tips

    Goodday all, I need some tips to reduce my short term insurance premiums. I am insuring 2 vehicles and household content. My insurance premium went up by 15% in January. This is annual inflation. We moved from a complex to a free standing house in the suburbs. Increase by R300. And I added...
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    Audi Q5 Reducing Agent Pump packing up

    My colleague's Audi Q5 had the warning light ''AdBlue fluid low'' come up on the OBC. He took the car for a diagnostic test at an Audi dealership and the outcome is he has to fork out just over R20k for the Reducing Agent Pump which is stuffed. How common are these Reducing Agent Pump failures...
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    2019 Matric Results

    Where can I find the 2019 Matric Results? Or just whether my kid pass or not.
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    Tablet recommendation for miEbooks use

    My son is going to high school next year and requires a Tab for school use. Note this tab will only be used for school. The main use of the tab is as follows: We recommend devices with enough RAM to handle larger e-books that contain mathematic equations, videos and a large number of images ...
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    Fortnite Save The World

    Can someone please explain this to me? My son says I must buy Save The World for him. Is it a seperate game to Fortnite, or just another module or world? Doesn't this come free with a gamepass? Do I purchase it from the Epic Store? My kid is a PC Player. Oh and what is the price currently? I...
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    Rosebank College - Bachelor of IT in Business Systems

    My son has been accepted to study at Rosebank College Cape Town Campus for next year. The course he applied for is Bachelor of IT in Business Systems. WHAT YOU CAN BECOME IIE Graduates will enter the industry as IT solution specialists or IT consultants. Graduates can also become a solutions...
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    Drinks for Low Carb & Keto eating plans

    Which drinks are you Low Carb & Keto guys/gals drinking? Besides water & soda water? Are the sugar free energy drinks & sodas Low Carb & Keto friendly? TIA
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    Damelin - Diploma in Information Technology

    My son has just missed out on the minimum requirements for acceptance to CPUT for Diploma: Information & Communitcation Technology: Applications Development. There is an option whereby CPUT sends you to College of Cape Town to do a 1 year Higher Certificate in Information & Communication...
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    Fortnite (PC) errors after recent update

    Can anyone help me fix an error I am having with Fortnite on my PC? There is an error code & Fortnite doesn't want to open. The Epic Games Launcher also doesn't open up properly. Looks as if it only half loads the stalls. My kid says he wasn't able to play Fortnite since the last update about...
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    Where to study with poor Maths marks?

    My son is currently in Grade 12 and is interested in studying IT: Applications Development at CPUT. He is doing Maths Lit and just falls under the requirement for acceptance at CPUT. For his current report he got a 5 for Maths Lit where min. requirements is a 6. What other options are there for...
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    McDonald's prices increased?

    Last week a Cajun medium meal with Coke Zero was R39.90. Today it is R44.50. That's more than an 11% increase. I don't normally keep tabs on any of the other meals offered. Are the in-store pricing more than online?
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    Capitec Mobile App offline?

    Is the Capitec Mobile App offline for anyone else? I couldn't log on since 15h30 this afternoon.
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    Luggage Locks

    Please recommend me some luggage locks. We will be flying to Durban and don't want anyone scratching around in our suitcases. I need to get 5 locks. Are normal padlocks acceptable to use? What about the use of cable ties?
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    MSC Cruise dinner dress code

    We're booked for a 4 night cruise next month and are a bit confused w.r.t. the dinner dress codes. I have heard that the dress code for dinner is formal with a jacket. Or is this only for the Captain's Dinner / Ball? What about the dress codes for kids? The only long pants my one son has is...
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    Tangney Tours Claremont, Cape Town

    Have anyone used Tangney Tours for an overseas pilgrimage? My mom used them a couple of years ago on a tour to the Holy Lands, and is looking to go on another tour / pilgrimage next year. I cannot get hold of them on their old number. Anyone have any contact details other than 021 6830300?
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    Bsc Informatics (Cape Town)

    My son is interested in applying for Bsc Informatics for next year 2020. Which institutions of study in would be recommended in Cape Town? Would it be recommended to study this course at Unisa if you are fresh out of school? And is this course at Unisa only distance learning?
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    Durban Beachfront Accommodation

    Please recommend a decent hotel or B&B to stay at for 1 night before embarking on a cruise. We are a family of 5. Preferbly something close (approx. 3 to 5 km) to the port/harbour. We are only going end of March, but I would like to secure accomodation as soon as possible. Thanks.
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    Time to get from Durban port to airport

    We are disembarking a MSC cruise at Durban Harbour/Port 29 March. How much time would it take for us to travel to Durban airport? Would booking a 10h30 flight be too early? The later flights have higher premiums. Any experience with disembarking the MSC Musica? How would it take if the boat...