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    There is more sugar in Parmalat Yoghurt than in Coca-Cola!

    My issue is preservatives...most brands available at PnP and Checkers contain preservatives except for Woolworths and only others I can find are Fairview & Camphill which are preservative free. The preservative free still has good shelf life. Only buy plain unsweetened. Sweetened is for kids.
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    Be honest or keep quiet? (wrongly charged at PnP)

    Reading this I laughed..Where's the morals when it comes to cigarettes? The butts get tossed out of the window into into environment and the smoke is damaging to people in vicinity. If you go back tip the staff. Ex smoker.
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    Weed growers thread

    I have recently bought a few seeds from Trophy..ETHOS, Barney and a Fastbud. They did contact me via WhatsApp to request which branch of Postnet and the waybill photo. The fastbud auto didn’t germinate. Will have to wait and see but the other 2 turn out..always a relief when a R250+ seed finally...
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    Comitis tears City of Cape Town to shreds

    Comitis has a sweet 3year lease with City for the use of Hartleyvale and MaltaB fields in Observatory for R8500+VAT. On top of this he paid for fencing and installed Astro turf on the MaltaB...all this with no consultation with the residents, no notification to the civics and public access now...
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    Billions in airtime stolen from South Africans

    My partner on Vodacom just discovered that she was subscribed to ExploreApp ...without any knowledge.
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    Register your solar PV system by 31 May 2019

    Dont trust the City of Cape Town...why does one need to register off grid system? You can buy a generator which is just as lethal and that doesn't need to be registered. If solar is so dangerous what about all the illegal connections and yearly fires in townships. What the City will do is up...
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    De Lille denies electioneering after exposing alleged DA corruption

    GOOD party = Got Over Our Differences
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    De Lille denies electioneering after exposing alleged DA corruption

    Although I had great respect for De Lille especially for exposing the arms deal , the internal spat with the DA leaves many questions unanswered. I fear that De Lille/DA (at the time) have also been corrupted by developers. The CIty tried to push through developments on Public Open Space...
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    How is Vox Fiber in 2019?

    Have been with Vox Vumatel since dec18.CT. They do shape in evenings, and I notice often it's up and down and need to reconnect to wifi and you have no admin control of the wifi router..however load shedding is causing new issues.. emailed Vox about 2hr downtime due to load shedding when power...
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    Fibre and Load Shedding

    So my experience with Vumatel &Vox is that the Fibre-Wifi is showing disabled 1hr after a load shed outage. During load shedding if I plug equipment into my off grid backup supply it's good. I also have to constantly renter passwords onto iPad as it seems to "forget' the wifi network. My...
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    The Cannabis Thread

    I found a store in China Town Paddocks (opposite Stodels) .Hi-Fi shop that does bongs too..they sell wholesale but managed to buy one cash for R180, knock off ROOR that works great with my dynavap M using da vinci bong adapter and also with my silver surfer whip.
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    Ford Service Plan Sucks

    So the 4 years 60000km service plan is not what it seems. Normally a diesel needs services every 15000km or every year. The warning light alerts it needs a oil change every year, you make a booking and go in the week after (when they can allocate you). So the first 3 years its been ok. Now...
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    Official Vox DSL feedback thread's back!
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    Official Vox DSL feedback thread

    Router log shows login on my vox account failed. Tested router with guest@telkomadsl (pass:guest) and it reaches test site so I think router is ok.