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  1. Iwojima

    Raru Game Pre-Orders

    Is it just me of is Raru failing to meet the street date of pre-ordered games more often than not of late? I switched to pre-ordering from them exclusively as Takealot was failing miserably to deliver on time.
  2. Iwojima

    Upgrading from a P20 Pro

    So I'm due for an upgrade in mid-Jan after having my P20 Pro for almost 2 years. After owning and enjoying the P20 Pro I thought the obvious next step would be Huawei's next flagship however, as we well know, the future of Android/Google Play access isnt looking too rosy at the moment (and the...
  3. Iwojima

    Importing Console Games (beat the price increase)

    Many foreign sites are offering prices on console games that are much cheaper than what has been projected that SA gamers will be paying in 2009 (even with shipping charges factored in). This thread serves as a guide for those wanting to avoid the recent increase and import games instead...
  4. Iwojima

    (More) Bad signs for Blu-ray So much for the PS3's trump card :rolleyes:
  5. Iwojima

    Kojima dodges MGS4 on Xbox360 question (again)

    Should actually save this for FBF, but oh well: That wasn't a "NO", Mr. Kojima :p