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  1. obsidian86

    ‘Things will never be able to return to how they were’ – economist

    The problem is exactly with how things were
  2. obsidian86

    New Telkom FreeMe contracts and bundles launched

    Just because you are pissed off with Vodacom and MTN doesn't give you the right to take it out on your customers
  3. obsidian86

    Huawei Y7p

    Looks like it
  4. obsidian86

    How Huawei’s AppGallery could take on Google Mobile Services

    How many users does google mobile services have 500 million ? A billion ? 2 billion ? There are global religions with less followers than google mobile services And Huawei is gonna poke a hole in it with its own app gallery Let me put my money on Huawei on this because I haven't lost...
  5. obsidian86

    Huawei Y7p

    Xioami note 8 is a bit better for R3200
  6. obsidian86

    Intel’s 10th-generation desktop CPUs leaked

    What leak it's still 14nm nothing has changed but the marketing
  7. obsidian86

    You can buy our new smartphones, we've got you covered – Huawei South Africa

    Damage control at its finest How much were you paid for this pandering
  8. obsidian86

    Fish that tastes similar to hake?

    I have eaten most fish but Pollock is most like hake Angel fish is a good budget fish but nothing like hake
  9. obsidian86

    Telkom says WhatsApp and new tech partly to blame for retrenchments

    I do think some companies let losses and breakdowns go beyond the point of return to have proof beyond doubt to show unions that they need to lay off workforce
  10. obsidian86

    Upgrading gaming PC, 6 months old.

    Knowing the market right now this is a hard sell
  11. obsidian86

    Huawei Y9s launched – South African pricing and specs

    I saw this on shelves on the 1st already
  12. obsidian86

    Samsung Note 10 Lite - SA pricing

    A full fledged xioami and realme flagship is half the price
  13. obsidian86

    Sony phones for Vodacom contract

    Sony mobile phones have left South Africa there will be no new releases and limited support for older models
  14. obsidian86

    What Phone are you using now and what phone do you desire?

    Y9 currently Would like something 5g
  15. obsidian86

    RIP Dion Wired

    There wasn't a need for a high end electronic shop they thought they could make the market but the real high end customers never leave their homes to even shop and some might go to more established Catz or sounds great similar stores if they wanted to physically buy something
  16. obsidian86

    Quality of vegetable and fruit from Food Lovers

    The stuff just doesn't seem to last I can buy stuff from other shops and it will usually last twice as long before it spoils as Food lovers
  17. obsidian86

    Airbnbs come under fire for 'killing' Mother City businesses

    Oh look another monopoly being threatened and they blame the competitor
  18. obsidian86

    Why Huawei smartphones are great for gamers

    How much were you paid by Hauwei to write this because you really need return that for this garbage