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    Free video conferencing with screen share

    Hey, I run a little art community and we normally meet at coffee shops to chat and draw. However, with Covid19 becoming a more serious issue, I'm looking for an online solution. Basically needs to support 10 - 20 people, with screen share for up to 3 hours. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Where to get UPS replacement batteries? Pref CPT

    As per title, it seems our second ups takes longer than expected to recharge during stage 4 load shedding, which is why it doesn't last through the whole second block in the day. However, we still have our old 1000va ups which we can replace the batteries and run both, so was wondering where I...
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    Newish 2000va Mecer UPS only lasts 90 minutes with fiber

    Up until the end of last year, my bro and I had been using a 1000va ups to keep our internet alive during load shedding. The only two devices that we had plugged into it are the fiber box and our Asus router. At the end of last year and it started to die after 15 mins. Okay, time to get a new...
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    Need a financial advisor to help me with my provisional taxes

    I have recently gone freelance and have started getting some money in. I need someone to help me figure out how to file my taxes and what I can claim back. For example, I am billing through paypal in pounds, but by the time I get the money into the country I am losing approximately 8-10%. I...
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    What's the deal with online gambling in SA?

    So I'm currently working for a client who does online gaming, aka gambling, and was curious about what the deal was with online gambling in SA? Is it like porn? I.E. Can't be locally produced but people can consume/engage with it from overseas? Or is it completely illegal? Google tells me there...
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    Does currency matter when withdrawing from PayPal with FNB?

    I recently began working for overseas clients and received a payment in my PayPal account in pounds. I chose not to convert it to dollars when I accepted the payment, and I received the amount minus PayPal's cut into my PayPal account. However, only the few dollars I have in my PayPal account...
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    Will a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 international version work in SA?

    So from my initial research this phone ( should be compatible with local networks. I ordered it from overseas because the local importers said they'll only be getting stock in SA at the end of the month, so for a...
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    Hardware imports from Amazon/overseas and customs

    Any idea how long customs might take over December? Or even how long it normally takes? Am hoping to get my package before I leave on the 19th or it's going to be with the courier for over a month... It arrived last Thursday.
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    Xiaomi Note 7 vs Note 8?

    I'm trying to decide between these two phones and am not sure which to pick. I went through some benchmarks and from what I've seen online, despite the fact that the Note 8 has an 11 nanometer processor, it's actually running 200 mhz slower than the Note 7 processor and this impacts its...
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    Employer paying out leave and final week of work 3 weeks after I leave company

    Hi, So I've only worked 1 other full time job, and when I resigned they paid me everything they owed me in one lump sum. My current employer has paid me my salary for last month, but hasn't paid out my 3 weeks of annual leave and the final week I will be working next week. When I queried this I...
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    How long does it take for Amazon to charge for larger orders? Ordered $229 VR headset

    Placed an order for a Samsung Odyssey+ VR headset from Amazon but haven't yet received any notifications regarding the charge on my credit card (it was about an hour ago). I've bought a lot of books on Kindle and it usually comes through in a few minutes. I checked my daily limits and it doesn't...
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    Best places to get a laptop (I'm a writer who quit my job and am going freelance)

    Hey folks, So after being an employee for my entire working career, I've decided to go solo. I'm a copy/technical writer and am looking for an affordable but reasonably speedy laptop. Where should I start looking for good deals? And are there any entry level machines that I should keep an eye...
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    Best ISP or package for streaming to Twitch/Youtube/Facebook/etc

    Hey folks. So I'm currently with Cool Ideas and while I'm happy with the service in general, I've recently been experimenting with streaming and have found that my international bandwidth during peak hours drops enough to negatively impact streaming. With this in mind, I'm interested in finding...
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    Which gaming streaming services have servers locally?

    So I'm thinking about dabbling in some streaming for the games I'm not terrible at, but am wondering which have a local server to ensure decent speeds? Or am I reliant on pushing my stream to a server in the EU somewhere? Looking at Mixer, Twitch and Dlive, and maybe even Facebook, but am open...
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    Muggings on the rise in Rondebosch Sadly, I saw this too late and was a victim of two of these muggers. TLDR: I was mugged at knifepoint on Friday evening (02/08) at 5.30 while taking a subway between Rondebosch station and Newlands stadium...
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    Wootware pushes Ryzen 3600 prices up R200

    In the last few days, Wootware has increased their Ryzen 3600 price from R3799 to R3999. I'm guessing this is due to demand :/ Hope they drop their pricing back down soon or I may be taking my business elsewhere once my cash get released from my fixed deposit.
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    Started putting out quotes for a new Ryzen 3600 system, which stores should I check out?

    So I've emailed the following stores asking them for quotes on a Ryzen 3600 box. Wootware Evetech Chaos Computers (retailer in Cape Town, but I've had some good experiences with them in the past) Who else should I be chatting to?
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    Are you an Octotel user in Cape Town's Southern Suburbs?

    I'm trying to gather whether the problem many of us are having is Octotel's network or ISP related. If you are on Octotel in the southern suburbs, please post your ISP and whether you are experiencing problems (getting poor speeds and timeouts/packetloss) in the evenings between 6 PM and 11 PM...
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    In case anyone missed it, MK11 seriously cheap on Steam

    Glad to see the guys behind MK11 throw us a bone. Regular version R355, Special edition R550, and Kombo edition (which includes MKX) R650. Still $60 overseas and R900 on console.
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    Need some feedback regarding plans for my network

    So turns out that some of the timeout issues I've been having have been caused by my router. I don't know why, since it's connected to a UPS so it shouldn't get boned by loadshedding, but it is. I'm currently plugged straight into the fiber box and dialing out via PPoE and I haven't had the...