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    Torch 9800 or Bold 9780 - Time for a new device.

    I am currently on a Bold 9700, I have loaded OS6 onto it, but it's a bit sluggish and starting to look a little worn (mainly due to the poor design of the RIM case - top is not covered). What do I get? The 9800 Torch or the new Bold 9780? My main use of the device is for e-mail, GPS and...
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    What do you guys think of my site?

    Hey guys, What do you think of my site for a new business I've started. I didn't do it myself, one of the developers that will be working for me designed it. Any thoughts/comments would be appreaciated from the experts. :D Thanks in advance.
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    uPVC Windows & Doors in South Africa

    Hey guys, Hope everyone is alive and well. I want to ask you guys what you think of uPVC Windows and Doors? They've been in use in Europe for years, but the uptake seems slow here in South Africa. I was in the DR Congo for the last two months and I met a Turkish guy there who has a uPVC...
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    BlackBerry curve overtakes iPhone as best selling smartphone

    Isn't this something. RIM's new devices are kicking some serious butt out there.
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    Poor support from AXXESS

    Since I spend a hell of a lot of time at various news cafe's, etc during the day (have meetings there, etc), I realised that they have a wireless hotspot there which allows you to use an AXXESS voucher (among other providers) to access the internet. So I figured I may as well get one to use...
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    NeoTel Coverage in Illovo Sandton

    Hi there, Could I please direct this question at the Neotel representative on the forum. Could I please get some sort of indication as to when Illovo Boulevard (Fricker Rd) in Sandton (area codes 2196 and 2116) will get ANY sort of Neotel coverage? Currently there is nothing. I find this...
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    So is anyone switching to Windows 7 from Linux?

    Well? Are ya? :D I wanna see how good you guys think it REALLY is... ;)
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    Why the hell do some people on this forum use 'of' instead of 'have'? :mad: i.e. He should 'of' gone to school to learn English. Come on, English is my third language, I only started speaking it in high school and I don't make that mistake. (I don't even understand how it's possible to...
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    Any advantage to renewing 3G Contract?

    Evening guys, Is there any real advantage to renewing my 3G contract? Should I rather just buy prepaid bundles? I already have a data card as well as the newer white modem E200? I think. Thanks in advance.
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    Chopper Reid

    Guys I can't beleive no one has posted about this **** yet! This is some of the funniest stuff I have seen the entire year! :D
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    Hard Drive Question

    Hey Guys, I have a question that someone could maybe help me with. A friend of mine (who I've been helping to open a childcare here in JNB) has a problem with her computer. I went and had a look at it, after powering it on, it does not detect the HDD any longer. It's quite an old PC with a...
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    Property Development - Making money with property

    Ok, so here we go. This is a thread for anyone who is interested in making money with property. Edit: IzZzy's PM has had to be removed Hope you guys don't mind, in the interest of time, I'm going to steal from some of my older posts on the forum. My advice to someone starting out would...