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    Afristay Giveaway - Win a weekend away and R1,000 spending money

    Skrywershuisie Guest House
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    PCFormat - a blast from our past (the forum not only the mag) REOPENED!!!!

    Yeeaaahh! This gives my the nostalgia like bever before. Sent from my SM-G950F using MyBroadband mobile app
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    Please Rate Telkom Internet

    Telkom has been experiencing major difficulties with their DSLAM, MSAN and Exchanges in the Boland.
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    3CX Compatible SIP Trunk Provider

    Hi all, Stuck with a cable theft incident on our Telkom side, so I'm busy setting up a 3CX Hosted PBX. Got all the terminals, queues and IVRs going, but for the life of me, I can't get the trunks registered. I've got two SIP lines with WebAfrica (still waiting for their feedback on support...
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    Bricked MTN X602D

    Hi Guys, A standard Firmware mishap has taken the order of the day. One of our users' MTN X602D 3G devices ran a firmware updater, and as fate would have it, the laptop's battery died during flash, bricking the device. It turns on witha red light, but [-]Curtains[/-] Windows seems to moan...
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    Friendly Argument: Licensing for Owning Fibre Networks

    Hiya People, I'm doing some research as part of an ongoing intense argument with some friends... (where have you ever heard of such a friendly argument? :D) What we're basically arguing, and what I'm researching, is how a company (group of friends register a company, to make the operation...
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    Running IP Camera over Cell Network

    Hi There! Has anyone successfully been able to access an IP Camera remotely, where the IP Camera is connected to a cellphone network? I'm in need of a remote solution, but to my understanding and frustration, I can't run any video feeds over any of our cell providers' networks, due to...
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    VoLTE & WiFi Calling

    Hi Folks, I've been trying to gain access to the WiFi Calling and VoLTE experience for some time now, on Vodacom. Yesterday, after enquiring with their SM team, I got a very generic response as to when we'll actually enjoy the use thereof, as most new devices come equipped with WiFi...
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    Web App recommendation

    Hi sudo'ers, Anyone know of, or can suggest, a web-app type of solution for a Tender Bulletin or Bid Centre setup? I'm currently looking at WP for plugins, but it's not going to help me much... I need something that's easy enough for my end-users internally to use, without having to call...
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    Cellphone Contract Management

    Good day All! Does someone know of a solution (free if possible) to manage approximately 150 cellphone contracts and devices? I'm currently depending on an Excel Spreadsheet, which can get very cluttered very quickly. All I want to do, is to list the Contracts, list the devices...
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    Setup Suggestions?

    Hello dear folks of the ZA-Interwebz, Could you spare a moment and vet my setup on quality and changes I should make? First, the hardware available: TP-Link W8970 Wireless N Gigabit ADSL2+ Router (TD-W8970) >> MikroTik RouterBoard 2011UIAS-2HnD-IN...
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    We actually need to fax!

    I need someone's help, please! I'm trying to sort out our ADSL cum Fax line, and I swear, something's going to get hurt if I can't get this stupid old technology to work. We have a fax machine connected to the ADSL line, and a CISCO as our router. The ADSL is working fine, and I even get a...
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    I found a homeless Uplink...

    Hey ISPs (in the Helderberg area), I have an uplink which is somewhat old - still has RouterOS 2.9.38 on it - and the link line was cut-off cleanly. I was able to pull some information off it for identification purposes. I need to know who the ISP was, to possibly get a connection...
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    How to tighten down WiFi monopoles?

    Hello Folks, I've been so fortunate to live in the second windiest part of our Country, and I'm really into Wireless Links - such a good combo, won't you say? I'd like to find out from you experienced people, what's the best way to attach pilot wires to a monopole on a bracket, say 2-3...
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    WD MyCloud 4TB on it's way out... of the door

    Dear Comrades, I have in my life, never had to struggle with a NAS like I'm currently doing with, not one, but TWO WD MyCloud 4TB NAS drives. I'm ready to drop-kick these drives from our first floor if they can't be fixed. the one has already been replaced by WD, but I'm not willing to lose...
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    Cyberoam CR25iNG VPN Client

    Hi peoples, Anyone have experience with Cyberoam CR25iNG VPN Connectivity? I can't seem to find a way to install the SSL VPN Client on Windows 10 (zero compatibility for TAP Driver), and want to find out if someone has successfully found a way to install this without the TAP Driver failing to...