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  1. OtakuD

    B618s-65D Band 2600 TDD Error

    Hi peeps, I have a B618S-65D but I can't seem to use the bandtool 2600 TDD network for rain, is this the correct band? Keep getting this error: huawei_band_tool --network-mode 03 --network-band 3FFFFFFF --lte-band "+2600|TDD" [166] error: File: src/main.cpp Line: 1245 Function...
  2. OtakuD

    [Telkom] - Possible to temporarily upgrade line speed?

    Hey peeps, I have a number of large files to pull down thanks to Black Friday, was wondering if it was possible to temporarily upgrade my line and then revert it back after a few days? Any fees/penalties that will be incurred for doing so? Thanks