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    Cybersmart Lockdown Special - R399 for uncapped 1Gbps fibre on prepaid

    Any benefit to subscribers using the Vuma network?
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    Have you left your house yet?

    Does wheeling the bin out to the street count as going 'outside'?
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    The utter absurdity of what you can and cannot buy in shops

    Had a pipe burst yesterday morning leading from water mains to irrigation system. (Which in Cape Town is currently a swear word.) Thankfully, I keep some spares, so could blank off the pipe without affecting other use. Under ordinary circumstances, this would be an insurance claim. I don't...
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    Will Tops and the other supermarket chains' liquor stores also be open?

    Interesting. Just got a mail from uCook that they've been classified as an essential food delivery service and will continue as before, just with a more limited reach. Wonder who is going to have the egg on their face here...
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    Banggood - Out of Stock story

    Banggood also cancelled an order of mine for a silly reason not long ago. I suspect it has more to do with them not being able to ship outside of China at the present time, and they're trying to buy time.
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    Power Up - mid-range Inverters. Opinions.

    Looks like a rebranded Axpert to me.
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    Ford figo novel sport

    Did you phone Novel Ford? They're in the Paarl, and the dealership who 'tuned' these.
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    Loadshedding Stage 2: 06/12/19 - 07/12/19 (11PM - 11PM) [REV]

    They say it because no-one in their right mind still operates a fax machine. This is another good reason to get rid of it! Save our power - get rid of faxes!
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

    No-one mans that queue overnight - no matter what they say. Had the same the other morning at 7, and gave up. Tried them again after 8, and suddenly I was helped almost immediately.
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    Mac users are happier and more productive

    Every time I need to work on a Mac at work, I want to throw the thing through a window. Only, it isn't heavy enough to break the thick glass, so it'll likely bounce back and hit me in the face. So I suffer along grumbling. Poor people who have to develop Apple software for a living - the...
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    Checkers now supports free 1-hour deliveries in Cape Town and Sandton

    App seems buggy. If I scroll on the product list, it gets progressively more sluggish the further down I scroll. Going to need some tweaking, methinks.
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    Checkers now supports free 1-hour deliveries in Cape Town and Sandton

    Wonder - does this count as Checkers or Online spend for Ebucks purposes... :)
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    Wall plug with power and RJ45 socket

    I think the issue here is that the power and ethernet meet in an 'unstructured' environment. A live wire, wiggling loose inside the socket when you yank the vacuum cleaner out, might touch the ethernet, shocking someone on the other side of the house who was simply using the printer. Legal or...
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    Spike in violent house robberies in Joburg

    Wait, what? ADT has their client's keypad pin-codes stored in a database somewhere!? How is my pin-code any of their business? Security 101: never give anyone your access credentials - no matter how good the intentions are.
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    Vodacom WhatsApp add-on bundle - All the details

    Sounds similar to having to opt out of auto out-of-bundle renewals, except being unable to do so. The lenghts VC will go to to con people out of money...
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    Ford Figo TDCi 120 000km service

    My 45k and 60k services were around the R3500 mark each at Ford. Way more than I used to pay for my old petrol Fiesta, and there is seriously not much they do. They replaced more filters on my old petrol Fiesta than they do on this thing. No plugs. Diesel filter only ever so often... Most...
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

    Usually I can reconcile pretty accurately, but this month it is all a bit messed up. I have more checkers spend than actually spent at checkers (and had no spend there anywhere close to either end of the month, so not a rollover transaction). I also have more online spend than I actually used...
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    FNB statements?

    I was similarly confused. Subject talks about discontinuation, rest of mail just about accessing if from the app. They did discontinue home loan statements a month or 2 ago, so likely they are actually discontinuing it. Highly annoying. Oh, and about asking them on live chat: I had a...
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    Why I switched from Telkom to Vodacom

    Agreed. I manage a few Telkom sims across contract and prepaid, and all work perfectly, both roaming or not. I suspect the people complaining are far in the minority. (Or the problems are region specific.)