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    Barber around Worcester

    Okes, where around Worcester is a barber you trust for a close shave? It’s for my wedding, so I’m looking for something special!
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    Honeymoon in Knysna

    I'm getting hitched in CPT in April and want to enjoy quality time somewhere special with the missus after the wedding. I checked out a few honeymoon options from myBB threads, but soon realised that: 1) Island resorts (Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, etc.) are only available with connecting...
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    pre-nup OCOC with accrual - DIY?

    Getting married next year and want to get married out of community of property, with accrual. Our asset base is small, so no worries about combined assets taken into the marriage, eg. one shared old car and cash savings of a few years (+-200k). Can I go the with accrual route, and still...
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    [W]: Android phone

    Item Wanted: Android phone Packaging : N/A Desired Age: Release date in last 2 years Location: CPT (Gardens) Shipped item : Yes (although I prefer collection) Ballpark/Budget Amount: R1500-R3500 Please PM with more info.
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    Bachelor's venue near CPT

    Please give me some ideas for a self-catering venue for a bachelor's with 8-12pax max 2 hours from CPT. Preferably a cottage near or on a mountain.
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    Laptop RAM modules - 1 x 4GB + 2 x 2GB - CPT [S]

    Item name: Laptop RAM modules: 1 x 4GB + 2 x 2GB Age and condition: Used Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: 1.5V modules not working in my budget Celeron laptop which needed low voltage 1.35V modules Price: R150 Negotiable: Yes Location: Gardens, CPT Shipping...
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    Custom Silver Jewellery - Cape Town

    I need a jeweller to set a heart-shaped stone (already have - size of a R5) into a silver necklace (still need). Anyone know of a jeweller that does good work and would be happy to do a custom job?
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    Laptop RAM - DDR3L 204 pin SO-DIMM

    Where can I get a good deal on 4 or 8 GB RAM module for my laptop?
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    Remote jammers?

    Was at a wine estate in Stellenbosch recently and noted a guy in the parking lot with a cellphone in one hand and a cloth in the other pressing whatever was under the cloth every time someone parked their car and checking out the cars and noting the licence numbers. The guy would sometimes raise...
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    KULULA - MN137 Jhb to Cpt on 03/07/2016 - Eardrum Perforation from Cabin Pressure

    My girlfriend had the misfortune of booking a flight with Kulula for OR Tambo to CPT Intl yesterday evening. On the flight many people around her complained about discomfort in their ears from what I presume was a drop in cabin pressure. My girlfriend now has a perforated eardrum. :twisted...
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    Trip to Europe - How to pay while there

    Gf and I are heading off to Europe next month for some travelling :) :cool: Would appreciate advice on how to go about paying for day-to-day expenses, eg. groceries, petrol, accommodation. Older threads mention getting cold hard cash from Rennies, but I would prefer paying by card...
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    Rooting MyWigo phone (MTK6582)

    Bought a MyWigo Excite 3 a few months back. Device looked great on paper, but the ROM just let's it down. Aside from the random Spanish, the device can't install new apps as the Google Apps says there is insufficient space. The SD Card shows gigs and gigs of free space under device info and...
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    Polarized shades with glass lenses

    Eyes are super-sensitive and I need shades to help with bright light here in CT. It's annoying as my eyes get irritated and infected if I'm hiking on the mountain for 2+ hours or driving anywhere with morning or afternoon glare in my eyes. I had Polaroid aviators before and they were a...
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    Takealot App Issues

    Tried purchasing something from Takealot today using the Android app for the first time. Go through purchasing screens, yes, yes, for collection, etc. Add App50 discount coupon, the amount due reflects R329 (R379 less R50 for coupon), and I select EFT payment option. I get the invoice via...
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    Western Cape Traffic Fines

    Do traffic fines from Cape Town need to be sent via registered mail? Drove there earlier in the year beginning of February with another person's car and that person got a final notice via normal post last week. The amount was tiny (R200) and it was another person's car, so I paid it via FNB...