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    Telemasters Communications - SP Review

    Hi Guys I'm evaluating a Telemasters proposal, while the proposal seems decent. I can find very little info on them. I don't place a lot of emphasis on Hello Peter as that's simply a B1*%ing site. Is anyone out here using them? *What is there infrastructure like (They mention POPs a a...
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    ASUS RT-AC1200G+ OpenVPN

    Unfortunately not, looks like we'll just have to wait it out for DD-WRT which seems to be the only one working on it. NordVPN's answer is to setup a second PC with 2 NICS and share the VPN connection off a PC, I'm trying to figure out how I need to change my network setup since I have 1 router...
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    ASUS RT-AC1200G+ OpenVPN

    Thanks will check on the others, just a pity I went with reviews and bought a 3 year upfront sub [emoji19]
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    ASUS RT-AC1200G+ OpenVPN

    The 1200G+ is meant to have the Broadcom chipset
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    ASUS RT-AC1200G+ OpenVPN

    Yea saw this but no idea when it was posted.
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    ASUS RT-AC1200G+ OpenVPN

    Yea, can't see anything on Tomato, padavan etc Still looking
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    ASUS RT-AC1200G+ OpenVPN

    Hi Guys I just got in a Asus AC-1200G+. I want to set it up with NordVPN however Nord doesn't support PPTP or L2TP. I figured I need to use a 3rd party firmware however has anyone had experience with this. Has anyone found a working version of Open Source firmware that enables OpenVPN on one of...
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    Best fibre deal ever in South Africa – Uncapped 600Mbps for R899

    All smoke and mirrors coz let's be honest, they only do Multidwelling units and for a normal family I'd love to see them use anything close to 100Mbps, any news on international performance? Come on MyBB is this truly your std of assessing & reporting or just a paid for article?
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    Vodacom FTTB

    Hi Guys Is anyone here using Vodacom FTTB and what has your experience been like with pricing, performance, support etc, compared to Vox 50Mb FTTB (includes VOIP) which would you choose? thanks, Naz
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    Medal Paints

    Hi Guys I've been told by my painter to try out Medal paints. According to him the quality is on par with Plascon and he finds it better to use. I know they've been around for a long time 15 years + but never thought to use them as i normally just go with Plascon or Dulux. Can anyone advise...
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    Using 2 DSL router together

    Hi All I wonder if someone can help me. Due to a few reason a have a Billion 7404g router and bought a TP-Link Wireless N ADSL 2+ Modem Router as I need a stronger wireless range and a wireless range. after failing to connect with the new modem I found out that i cant use another router...
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    Macbook Pro running VMware Fusion 3.1.0 HELP!!!!

    Hi Mac gurus!!! I need some serious help. I am running Snow Leopard on my Macbook Pro with Windows 7 on my VMware fusion as I need to use windows for all the domain/lan related stuff. Yesterday, I extended my desktop onto my second screen and it worked beautifully, today I left my...
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    Mac trouble, Mac/Windows gurus please help!

    :confused: I am running Mac OSx. on this I have VMWare Fusion running which has Windows 7 installed (Need it to log onto the corp domain and access internal tools). On a normal windows machine I use the shortcut keys ctrl + left mouse button to select multiple files in no specific order...
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    The Pro Shop Website

    Has anyone been experiencing problems with the Pro Shop's site? If I select any links from the homepage, I get a bunch of warnings telling me i need to install antivirus, it seems to display a "My Computer" screen and shows me a scan running with a number of viruses etc...
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    Muay Thai or Kickboxing in Sandton

    Hi All I am trying to find a gym/club which does Muay Thai near houghton? I heard there was a place in Sandton called Bushido however the mobile number I have just rings and gets to VM, anyone know the location or contact details?