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    Tesla battery in Australia

    So... If this thing is so successful, and is paying for itself so quickly, why doesn't Eskom get something like this, which should (in theory) reduce the need to burn diesel and whatever other "emergency reserves"...
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    HP Microservers

    2x HP Gen7 microservers (N40L) seeking good home, each with (nearly) identical configurations. 1.5 GHz dual-core AMD cpu 2GB ECC RAM Gigabit ethernet, PCIe16x and PCIE1x slots available DVD drive (one is a burner, the other just a reader) GPU with DVI / HDMI output (One is nvidia, one is AMD)...
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    Anyone ever registered a custom vehicle?

    So I've been wondering about what the procedure would be if some backyard welder / mechanic were to design and build his own car / motorcycle, and would like to use it on the roads. Is the process to roadworthy / license / register the vehicle realistic for an average man to do? Or do you...
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    Manhattan 5-port gigabit switch

    Manhattan 5-port gigabit switch Age and condition: Not sure of age, condition fair. 100% working, some marks from exposure to a slightly messy office environment. Packaging: Can stick it in a bag if needed. Warranty: No Reason for selling: Decluttering after upgrade. Price: R200 ONO Negotiable...
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    WATCH | Do you know this dancing truck driver? Traffic officials are looking for him What puzzles me is, how traffic officials can intend to prosecute this guy over a single self-made (it appears) video, while we have a long mega-thread about a...
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    Fixed LTE - Telkom vs MTN - tower lock?

    I read about the fixed-LTE offerings from MTN in this article: MTN's prices seem better, but I'm coming from Rain's fixed LTE product, which didn't (doesn't) have tower lock. The ability to move my...
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    How to start learning Android dev?

    Quick question for anyone who might be in this game already. I'm a fairly seasoned software developer (though low-level C is usually more my thing), but looking to get into Android for various reasons. Apps to an extent but also the underlying OS. Where would one start learning these skills...
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    [Sale] Various textbooks (mostly engineering)

    Item name: Textbooks, titles below. Age and condition: Various Packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Collected from varsity studies, thought I'd refer to them but I never do. They're just taking up space now. Price: Individually listed. Negotiable: Yes Location: Observatory, Cape Town...
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    Savings pockets for businesses?

    So the background to this is, I'm a trustee for my Body Corporate, and am partially responsible for overseeing the finances. We've got a current account and a money-market account, the money market being the one we use for long-term saving and planning for big things like retarring, repainting...
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    Another insurance thread

    So the wisdom on this forum seems to be, don't deal with the direct insurers (Outsurance, Dial Direct, etc.) - rather go with a broker. The problem that I'm having is that I want to switch from comprehensive insurance (with one of the aforementioned companies) to third-party-only, as my car is...
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    Dual nationality for child

    So my wife is a foreign national and we'd like to have our son to have both citizenships and passports. If I understand correctly, it should be legal and possible to do this. But I'm not sure how. The embassy of the foreign country in question seems competent enough - but is there anything...
  12. N local cloud storage / backup service.

    So I'm busy developing the capability to host a cloud storage / backup server aimed at individuals / families and small businesses. My main selling points would be the following: Locally hosted (pay in rands, faster upload / download speeds since it's not an international connection) Privacy...
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    Small business accountant, Cape Town area?

    Anyone know a reliable accountant who will be able to handle the half-year returns for a small business in the Cape Town area? The guy I was using seems to be too busy and I'm too small a client. I battle to get hold of him as well.
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    Are there any luxurious small cars?

    So I was thinking about this on a recent trip while renting a little Picanto and marvelling that rental companies do quite a trade in medium-to-long-term rentals for things like Jaguar F-types or Porsche Boxters for rich businessmen who stay in town for a couple of months, things like that. It...
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    Samsung S27B550 monitor

    Item name: Samsung S27B550 monitor, 27", 1920x1080 native resolution, built-in speakers. Age and condition: Several years old, but in perfect condition. Packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Upgraded, not needed anymore. Price: R1800 Negotiable: Somewhat Location: Southern Suburbs...
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    Under-slung sinks - how strong are they?

    So we've just re-done the kitchen and had one of these newfangled under-slung sinks put in. It's attached with some kind of glue to the bottom of the stone counter. The thought occurs to me to wonder how strong these things are - the adhesive specifically. Filling the sink with water should be...
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    Blockchain video verification

    So I'm going to go out on a limb here and talk about blockchain without any relevance to cryptocurrency. I was thinking about the problem of deepfakes and how it relates to video evidence of things. We live in an age where photoshop can make us cautious about trusting photographic evidence...
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    Mini NAS setup

    So I've been looking to set up a small, unobtrusive NAS at home to do backups and stuff like that. I used to have something like this running on a Raspberry Pi which worked well, but having several boxes with the Pi, USB hub and external hard drive was just a mess and with a little one coming...
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    Is it possible to tell if you're ignored?

    Is it possible for me to see if someone has "ignored" me on the forums? Or do I just make a guess based on the fact that they never seem to respond to my posts? Sorry this question may have been answered before, but I didn't find it using the search.
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    Induction pan which doesn't suck

    Hi all, So a couple of years ago, on the wife's strong suggestion, we got an induction hob and none of our cookware worked of course, so I got a set of Royalty Line from Takealot, can't find the exact one now but I seem to recall it cost about 1.5k for three pots, a frying pan and some lids...