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  1. CamiKaze

    Email Microservice

    Trying to find a good article on whether this is a good idea or not. What do you guys think? I'm thinking of having RabbitMQ or MQTT infront of a Microservice that deals with emailing people.
  2. CamiKaze

    Asus z97 and NVME

    I am trying to install a new 970 evo plus on my Asus Maximus Impact VII but the bios and windows does not detect the drive at all. There are many threads on the net and there isn't a solid solution out there. I tried it with the latest bios, and even installed a beta earlier today. and still...
  3. CamiKaze

    Intranet down when no internet connection

    As per the title... What the ####? I've noticed something dodgy about two weeks ago when copying files over the network. The network dies, the copy stalls, all my devices lose connectivity and once it reconnects to the internet, then my internal network works again, for a while... I have a...
  4. CamiKaze


    Which headphones would you guys recommend and which ones do you guys use? For office use, when trying to concentrate, when trying to cut noisy fckers out. So far, the Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 seems like the best pair of headphones given its price, feature set and how well it competes with the...
  5. CamiKaze

    The "Who have you got on ignore" thread

    And why? For me, no one yet... But soon: Lew is definitely triggering that for me. Why: The amount of drivel in his posts... and it's like he is spamming the new thread button. A couple of threads for each day. Isn't there a limit to the amount of threads created per day?
  6. CamiKaze

    2019 Weekend Getaway Thread - Western Cape

    Hi all, Kudos to @Steamy Tom for the thread idea. I want to keep this thread down to the Western Cape only for all weekend plans like camping and getaways and whatever. Maybe members can post a little review and add some scenery from wherever they went for a weekend.
  7. CamiKaze

    Let's Give Back!!!

    Branching off from "The MyBB Pay It Forward Thread", I encourage members to donate toys, or anything that you can to homes where people are living in poverty, to Creches, and/or to schools for children with special needs (Down Syndrome and other mental illnesses). After the following post in...
  8. CamiKaze

    The "How do you clean..." thread

    I have a Coricraft couch and the cushion "cases" are made from cotton. Some detergents are strong so it might weaken the cotton as well. Do you guys just throw it in the washing machine?
  9. CamiKaze

    Looking for thread

    I am looking for a thread where some guy was looking for an MSI B75A motherboard or something along the lines of that. I think the thread was deleted but there were other comments in that thread where someone else had a motherboard on offer, in JHB. I forgot his name also. Where do I find this...
  10. CamiKaze

    The Official NVidia Shield Thread

    Please share tips and tricks in this thread. Which gaming controls have you connected to it and does it work flawlessly? Anyone streamed games from their main computer to the Shield?