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  1. zaidmo

    [Wanted] Asus VivoBook X420FA

    Hi, I'm looking for a 14", SSD + 8GB RAM Laptop that is light to carry with me. Anyone have any good deal on the Asus VivoBook X420FA? Thanks
  2. zaidmo

    Air quality / sulphur smell in Johannesburg

    Hi Is anyone else having difficulty breathing, or at least smelling sulphur in the air in Jhb over the past 3 days? I am in Killarney at the moment and find it quite intolerable. I thought it was just me until I saw this post on Facebook where others reported it...
  3. zaidmo

    SA credit and debit cards compared - for overseas purchases and withdrawals

    Hi I've been trying to find the cheapest way to spend overseas. I did a comparison of all the major cards in SA here: When it comes to travel wallets I find that purchasing forex notes...
  4. zaidmo

    Designing & manufacturing a custom shaped & coated mirror

    Hi. I need to design a special shaped mirror to function as an optical component for a tech solution which I'd like to mass manufacture & sell (who wouldn't?). At the moment I've only found 2 global companies that can produce it. The cost of the mirror + shipping is over R10000, which won't...
  5. zaidmo

    Need development help on Android to warp the display

    Hi I am looking for someone to help me with some coding to warp the entire Android UI (across all apps on an Android TV device), or alternatively just one of the Android TV HDMI pass-through apps. Purpose: Allows me to display content from and Android Media Player onto a curved screen...
  6. zaidmo

    More foreigners are expected to visit KZN

    With an increase in direct international flights (Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Proflight from Lusaka, Air Mauritius and Emirates), the upcoming 2022 Commonwealth Games and more attractions planned residents of KZN are set to benefit in many ways. I've written a new...
  7. zaidmo

    Opportunities to be a part of the Virtual / Augmented Reality ecosystem

    If you're interested in being a role player in the VR ecosystem but you're unsure of where to contribute, check out this article I've published on Medium: Hope it inspires!
  8. zaidmo

    The 5 Day Otter Trail Hike

    Hi All, I've finally published a comprehensive day-by-day guide to the Otter Trail with plenty of photos and videos: It includes a link to the preparation guide that I published 2 weeks ago. Enjoy, and all the best to those...
  9. zaidmo

    An Open Letter to Jack Dorsey, Acting CEO of Twitter (with ideas)

    Hey All I've just written an open letter to Jack expressing some disappointment as a minor shareholder, with ideas on how Twitter can improve (user experience, declining user numbers and revenues). Check it out:
  10. zaidmo

    Top VR Games to look out for

    The consumer edition of Oculus Rift and Samsung's Gear headsets will be available by Christmas 2015 and there's a number of VR gaming titles that will follow soon. I've prepared this overview of some of the top titles to look out for...
  11. zaidmo

    Preparation for hiking the Otter Trail

    Hey All. I've hiked the Otter Trail 4 times (over the past 4 years) and I'm booked again for next year. The trail is just too amazing. I've finally decided to prepare a guide to hiking it if anyone is interested (using input and media from my friends who have been on the trip with me over the...
  12. zaidmo

    Immersive Authority - New SA based site featuring VR, AR, 3D and other immersive tech

    Hi All I'd like to announce the launch of to the MyBB community. It'a site covering everything from stereoscopic 3D to virtual reality headsets, motion controllers and anything that allows you to immerse yourself in a digital / virtual world. I plan to showcase...
  13. zaidmo

    Smart Luggage Hacked – A detailed component level review + how to hack your own

    After researching the topic for a few weeks I've just published an article that answers: What components make up smart luggage? Is it worth it? How to hack your own? Let me know if you need any clarification (I'll try my best). Link to the article:
  14. zaidmo

    Alternatives for sending and receiving international shipments (bypassing SAPO / EMS)

    Hi. Does anyone know of any alternatives to posting a parcel (not a container) from abroad to South Africa, that doesn't pass through EMS or the SA Post Office? I've tried DHL but I still had to collect my stuff at JIMC / EMS and that place is in chaos since the strike (I had to visit...
  15. zaidmo

    Cheapest way to withdraw cash and pay (credit/debit card) overseas?

    Howzit all. When I travel overseas I usually carry some foreign notes and rely on my debit card for ATM withdrawals and credit cards for POS payments. I thought this was the best way until a teller at my bank branch recommended I upgrade my basic account for better rates. This is when I started...
  16. zaidmo

    Cheated by getting no repairs for phone under warranty - new blog post

    My phone was faulty (buttons not working) before I dropped it and got a little crack on the top-right of the screen. I sent the phone in for repairs to get the buttons fixed but they say that it is out of warranty because of the screen crack. Details on...
  17. zaidmo

    Mos Def force fed like Guantanamo detainees

    Link: This makes me so sad. When are these detainees going to be treated like humans and released
  18. zaidmo

    New MPEG standard halves video bandwidth with no quality loss

    This is a great development. Once the tech is standardised / commercially available (2014), I wonder when we will be able to adopt it in SA (for DTT). Will the DTT decoders and broadcast technology be able to upgrade to this new standard? When will websites such as YouTube start encoding clips...
  19. zaidmo

    New Communications Minister: Roy Padayachie

    Nyanda is out. Roy Padayachie is in! Best news this weekend.