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  1. jphegers

    Google Chromecast.

    I have two smart televisions, one in the room and one in the living room. If i purchase two Google Chromecast's will they be able to work simultaneously on each television watching two different programs on each television?
  2. jphegers

    My Speedtest Result

    Check out my Speedtest result! How fast is your internet?
  3. jphegers

    Break in undersea cable

    Seeing the weather in cape town is holding back the repair ship to depart, could a ship from England or Spain not be sent, surely it would have reached the area seeing millions of internet users are affected?
  4. jphegers

    replaceable keys for back lit keyboards.

    Are there any backlit keyboards available in South Africa where one can purchase replaceable sets of keys?
  5. jphegers

    google Chromecast

    Looking for google chromecast for 1080p television set in Pretoria/Centurion area.
  6. jphegers

    PC wont boot

    I need some information from PC experts, I have a spare computer that has not been used for some time and wanted to connect it to my television to use as a media center but when turning on the power it turns on for 10 seconds then switches off and then back on after 3 seconds and continues...
  7. jphegers

    On line stores.

    Which of the following online stores are the best for service and reliability and service? 1. eBay. 2. amazon. 3.Wantitall. 4. Ubuy
  8. jphegers

    connecting PC keyboard to TV

    Is it possible to connect a PC keyboard to a TV set as typing using the remote is a bit awkward. I have an LG 50cm smart TV.
  9. jphegers

    Cellphone fast charge cable.

    At which stores can one buy descent fast charge cables there are plenty online but I need one urgently so can't wait that long for deliveries have to go buy one at a physical store.
  10. jphegers

    ADSL and telephone telkom line cancelation

    I dont know if this is the right platform to enquire but i am aplying for fiber with Axxess and need to cancell my telkom account , is it better to go to a telkom store or must i cancell via my telkom app on my cell phone?
  11. jphegers

    ADSL speed test.

    is acceptable for a 4MEG ADSL line?
  12. jphegers

    X96 MINI 8GB Android Tv Media Box

    Is this android TV box a good buy and what are the pro's and cons or are there better reasonable priced options?
  13. jphegers

    super rugby program

    It is unbelievable the lack of the professionalism at super sport tonight. when the program started,the microphones of the guests were not working and they stopped the show to fix the problem but later the program was cancelled. surely few hours before the start of the live program are the...
  14. jphegers

    Low priced cellular phones

    Is it a no brainer in the choice between a Tecno and and a Nokia phone?
  15. jphegers

    Tecno mobile phones

    Are Tecno smartphones like Huawai phones affected by the U.S.A. trade embargo on China?
  16. jphegers

    Fiber speed differences

    Some ISP's offer line speeds of 8mbps download speed and 4mbps upload and others offer 10mbps download and 2mbps upload. Is there a big difference between the two and which one is the better?
  17. jphegers

    Armed response contract fees.

    Does your monthly fees increase if you fit a GSM unit to your home alarm system to enable you to connect your alarm to your cell phone?
  18. jphegers

    GSM alarm device.

    Does a GSM device to connect your home alarm to you cellular phone need to be installed by a specialist and which is a reasonable priced product?
  19. jphegers

    Dual sim & SD adapters for android phones

    Where can one buy dual sim and SD adapters for a reasonable price in the JHBG/Pretoria?