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    FNB - Channel Islands - Liquidate and Invest

    Morning All I have a lump sum in the above account - in USD. Markets have taken a hammering of note in past few weeks. What would be the best possible route to partially liquidate my CI account, transfer to a brokerage account and invest in a chosen set of US shares. cheers in advance!
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    2012 Ford Figo 1.4 tdci

    Morning All I need some advice on the above. Just over 100K on the clock, one owner. Full Ford service history available, new cambelt has been fitted. Should I be concerned about the 'turbo' aspect? Are there other aspects I should be aware of? I appreciate your help.
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    Any link between Retrenchment Package and Withdrawal of Preservation Fund?

    Morning All A good few years back my wife got a retrenchment package where the first 500K was tax free and she was taxed accordingly on the remainder. We recently cashed in a preservation fund where she was taxed more than what I had calc'ed via ->...
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    UIF payments

    Some input please. My wife was retrenched end of DEC16. She had been working for approx. 20 years at various employers, contributing towards UIF, but not claiming any benefits. She then claimed UIF for approx. 4 months and went back to work in JUL17 on a 6 month contract that ended DEC17. We...
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    Is this a beetle - what type?

    Hi All Can anybody identify what this is. I'm assuming beetle, any idea what type? Ta air
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    SARS - Married Out of Community of Property with Accrual

    Over the last few years, my wife and I saved for a deposit on a house purchase. We pooled our monthly income into 1 account and any monthly surplus was transferred into a separate money market type account. For tax purposes I was under the impression that we could split the interest income...
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    [S] Lenovo - 20CG001RZA - Helix 2 11.6in M5Y71 1.2GHZ 8GB RAM 256GB SSD

    Product Description Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 20CG - 11.6" - Core M 5Y71 - Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit - 8 GB RAM - 256 GB SSD Product Type Ultrabook Mechanical Design Keyboard dock Operating System Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit Processor Intel Core M 5Y71 / 1.2 GHz ( 2.9 GHz ) /...
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    12foot (approx. 4 metres) high ceilings

    nice, but changing lightbulbs, ****it! Please recommend a decent ladder, not an extension ladder, since the lights are in the centre of the room :-( Storage of ladder is important as we do not have a garage. cheers for the help! air
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    Insure an old Omega Seamaster Chronostop

    Evening All Will contact insurance company on Monday, but would appreciate any advice/thoughts. How does one insure this - at a value where one could potentially source this watch second hand OR replacement value for a new Omega Seamaster? Thanks in advance. air
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    What are risk/s for person B in this potential transaction?

    Hi All person A - potential client person B - me Person A has a fully paid off property. Person A needs a loan of approx. 50% of current property value. Person A has exhausted 'normal' financial channels to source the required loan amount - no success. Person A does not have any...
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    Software for mailing 1000's of people

    Hi A buddy of mine has via social media amassed a few thousand email addresses and is seriously considering offering them weekly deals - they are very much aware that he will be mailing them in the future - thus not spamming. What would be the best/most economical software package to mail...
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    Eggs - Free Range vs Battery Eggs?

    Hi All What do you buy and why? I buy Free Range Do we feel the extra cost is worth it? I don't consume more than 3 eggs per week, so the cost is not too much of a consideration. For me, it does taste better. ?Knowing? that the chickens have a better quality of life is a massive plus! Thanks air
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    Cat Litter - Silicone/Silica

    Hi All What a damn rip - paying close on R30 per kilogram - with 2 large indoor cats, can sometimes end up costing more than their monthly food bill! :mad: Any idea where in the Western Cape one can source cheaper silicone/silica litter? Would also be open to buying larger 10/20kilogram...
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    IT Contractor - Advis<c>e on paying less tax

    Hi I currently work through an IT contracting company for a SA company. The contracting house deducts the necessary tax every month before paying me. Would it be worth my while to open a CC and have them pay me dirctly without deducting tax? As per my tax details I am classed as an...
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    Meaning of "within"

    from a time perspective, what does within mean? Is 10.00 seconds within 10 or would 9.99seconds be within 10 seconds? air
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    UPS - ringing noise

    Morning All Happy new year! We live in a rented unit <there are 2 units> The power tripped yesterday - I went to the board in our flat and turned everything back on. I then heard a ringing noise coming from the laundry room. Opened the trap_door in the laundry_room and saw a "Blazer" UPS...
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    Smart/Cheap way to market

    cat product :p have a very decent cat/feline product which I feel can do very well - don't have [b]oodles :D of money to market it to cat owners - will initially start with Western Cape - costings have not been 'sharpened' yet, so not sure whether I would be able to offer free postage. Any...