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    Free Internet speed upgrades for South Africans

    So I asked Webafrica a few days ago and no response. Im asking here now, will Webafrica/Octotel customers get a increase as well ? I understand things are little hectic but at least answer. If I can answer my clients working from home so can you.
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    MTN announces massive data price cuts

    So basically they following Vodacom a days later and making it look like it was their idea ? It was not even Vodacoms idea. I like how they make it look like they doing it for their customers and not forced to continue to sucks their customers dry
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    Blind man arrested for drunk driving (u cant make this crap up)

    A blind man from Kraaifontein is suing the City of Cape Town’s Traffic Department and the police after they arrested him for drunken driving and possession of a firearm. Luwie Links, 52, is claiming damages of R630 000 and is now fighting for justice at the Cape High Court. Luwie says on 30...
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    Watch robbers attack rugby club, 2 shot

    In all honesty if that was me it would have been a worst word. Must admit
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    Oil price crash brings good news for Eskom

    Whats does this mean for the petrol price ? Can we expect a dare I dream 10% reduction
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    The Nicholas Ninow Rape Case and Trial

    Whoa, thats a bit much dont u think ? Evens if I dont agree I wont put him in the same bracket as a rapist. WTH is wrong with you bud.
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    Roodepoot crèche owner, 62, in court for explicit child porn

    Why was he on a suspended sentence to start with ? He raped and molested 5 kids the MOFO. U know I feel we need to track down the Judge that hands out these lenient sentences and fo kk en charge them. Dammit this just pisses one off
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    ‘Marry-your-rapist’ bill proposed to be introduced by lawmakers in Turkey

    Firstly u say Islamophobic which is bais against a religion but u then refer to their culture (which is actually correct). Secondly this has fuk kol to do with religion actually, just maybe the abuse of it
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    They kept me hostage, assaulted me and didn't pay wages, claims domestic worker

    Rylands is a predominantly Indian area. Business owners etc. They are not a poor area and most likely not a drug den. Just predujice to the local community and workers. Suppose one could argue its up bringing but at the end of the day its simply modern slavery. Hope they get jail time the fu**s
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    HEARTBREAKING PICS | Dog fighting for his life after uniformed man shoots it

    Orcas, Dophins etc are known to "toss" a seal once in a while. Orcas do it for teaching purposes but Ive seen cases where dolphins seems to do it for fun. Weird
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    An unthinkable tale of horror: Daughters arrested for their mother’s murder

    Just when you thought we cant get more f*cked up then this happens, WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE !!! ??? OMG FFS
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    Wealthy women seduced online then fleeced by smooth-talking Don Juan

    Jassis I though I would see like a young 25 year old rugby jock but instead we get his grandpa. Same the Woman must have been very lonely
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    Bad news for SA’s slow Internet

    There is literally no wind in CT today so I cant see why the delay
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    Bad news for SA’s slow Internet

    Sorry just for clairty, would I be able to configure this on my router so that the whole network behind it is on the vpn ? I would like all my devices behnd the vpn (media players, Xbox1 and 360
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    Bad news for SA’s slow Internet

    Thanks !!! Will check this out
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    How to use Cloudflare Warp Plus on your PC

    Hello, Can anyone please point out a step by step tut like this one for xbox console ? 360 and one
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    International Speed slow ? - Webafrica Fibre

    ??? I have not received any notices. Will check now for updates, thanks
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    International Speed slow ? - Webafrica Fibre

    Hi anyone getting slow speeds internationally ? Mine has been slow since yesterday and the webafrica support line just keeps me on hold until I disconnect, feels almost like the old Telkom days. Im on a 100 MB fibre line