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    Drop in Galaxy S20 sales caused by coronavirus

    No **** ? Also when it rains, the ground gets wet.
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    21-day nationwide lockdown announced for South Africa

    I'm not a prepper , and I'm covering the bases where possible. I was totally chill about everything until the people started clearing the shelves.. panic buying creates more panic buying.
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    21-day nationwide lockdown announced for South Africa

    Already loaded up my freezer when I heard the rumors on the weekend. Im good for about 3 months.
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    EFF student command threatens anarchy at SA universities

    Those bloody white people at it again.
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    Lusikisiki drowning in rubbish and sewage

    They don't pick up the rubbish because its a decolonized town.
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    Do you think there should be a restriction or ban on violent video games?

    Maybe ban child abuse / bullying / rape etc..... oh wait.
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    South Africa to quarantine citizens returning from China

    They will look back at this event in a few months time and talk about how it was a bad idea.
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    Ramaphosa could unleash a wave of investment in South Africa – here’s what he needs to do

    Unfortunately the ANC's plan is to slowly destroy South Africa while selling pipe dreams all the way down the path. Everyone gets a glimmer of hope every now and then to keep them hanging on , but ultimately, this is their plan.
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    Do you think Eskom will improve under its new CEO?

    Day 1 on the job, they probably pulled him into a meeting, showed him pictures of his wife and kids and said to do what they say or else.... and pretend we are making progress.
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    Throwing the little guy under the EWC bus – Frans Cronjé

    The reason they are so vague about it, is because it is going to be a LOT worse than they let on.
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    Ramaphosa and other officials are meeting to discuss South Africa’s future – here’s what they are talking about

    They talking about how to protect their wealth and assets when they collapse the country via socialism.
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    Top Eskom contractors in fresh R75m Kusile slush fund scandal

    Arresting people is a waste of time, they should all be 'taken care of'.
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    Sibanye completes Marikana restructuring, cuts 1 142 jobs

    Jeez this thread got derailed for a while.... job losses suck, so does high electricity prices, load shedding and negative investor confidence.
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    Richards Bay businessman faces charges after comparing 'black' beach-goers to monkeys

    Yeah they might throw away the odd banana peel, but not plastic bottles etc. :P
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    Richards Bay businessman faces charges after comparing 'black' beach-goers to monkeys

    Monkey's and baboons don't litter , unlike festival goers..... so jokes on him.
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    Cosas calls for nationalisation of private schools in SA

    Yeah can't really say anything about this without being called racist ;)