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  1. FrankyF

    Staying subscribed to DSTV

    Reading the MyBB article of a few days ago regarding "building" your own sports platform as opposed to Super sport, and the different sports platforms available; I cancelled my DSTV subscription over a year ago as it just wasn't providing R900's worth anymore. As a family we're not big TV...
  2. FrankyF

    Tapatalk "Mark read" not working on the MyBroadband forums

    Anyone else using Tapatalk, noticed that the 'Mark read' button is not working on the MyBroadband forums? Reloading the page has no effect. Highly frustrating to try and navigate the forums when I can't mark threads as read. I'm using Tapatalk 8.6.5 on Android.
  3. FrankyF

    Salt water pool care

    I have recently moved into a house that has a salt water pool, and as I have zero previous experience with salt water pools I'm hoping to get some tips from our fellow forumites with salt water pool experience. So: Initially the pool was cloudy and no matter what I did, I couldn't get it to go...
  4. FrankyF

    Keeping vehicle registered in another province

    I recently moved to the Western Cape and I still have a vehicle in Gauteng, currently being used by a family member. This vehicle's license disc is up for renewal, so my question is, is it possible to keep this vehicle licensed in Gauteng (with GP plates) when I've relocated to the Western...
  5. FrankyF

    Towing unregistered new trailer

    If one buys a brand new trailer from Makro or Game (or any other trailer place), may that trailer be towed on public roads before its registered? According to what I can find, the trailer needs to be registered with your local traffic department within 21 days of purchase, but my question is -...
  6. FrankyF

    LP Gas exchange / refills - Gordon's Bay

    Somehow my previous thread from two days ago on this topic has disappeared. Weird. Anyway. Question was, is there somewhere in Gordon's Bay where I can exchange or refill my empty LP gas bottles? Is there collection / delivery services available perhaps? In Joburg I used to take my empty 9kg...
  7. FrankyF

    Tip Up or Tip Down: The Official MyBB Knife Thread

    I couldn't find any other thread on MyBB dedicated to discussing, debating and admiring knives, so here goes! Whether you admire knives, collect knives, manufacture custom knives or just have one in your pocket to perform all those everyday cutting/slicing/opening/peeling tasks, show us...