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  1. ChilliGirl

    City of Jo'burg, City Power, Jo'burg Water...

    I have received a letter from the company that runs our complex's admin processes. It goes something like this: That on the 15th of December Judge Splig ruled that the above 3 were not allowed to turn off water or electricity on any property unless due process has been followed. one...
  2. ChilliGirl

    :::NSFW::: Girly Pixxx :::NSFW:::

    To all the boyz that enjoy looking at clean girly pixxx. Post your pixxx here. :) There have been many pixxx posted in TK in the past. Many lurk & view. Here is your chance to contribute. There are RULES: 1. No nipples - not even a hint or the mods will delete 2. No clit or pubes - not...
  3. ChilliGirl


    !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHOCCY !!! :D :p :D :whistle: :D :p :D You must have a wonderful DAY!!!! Did The_Lirarian bake you chocolate cake for today??? //hugs :)
  4. ChilliGirl

    The religion of Satanism

    Satanism is also a religion in fact , whether people like it to be or not. This started with the question posed are there satanist here. One person even compared Atheism to satanism. There must be reasons for this. Shall we discuss satanism instead of christianity or islam for a change...
  5. ChilliGirl

    !!!Happy BIRTHDAY Airwolf!!!

    If I had known at midnight I would have started the thread then ;) I Hope you have been enjoying your day so far & will continue to have a GREAT day ! !!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!