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    Joying Android 8.0.1 Radios

    Hi all, looking at getting Joying Android Radios, most specifically these two: Been browsing...
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    Afrihost won’t let me cancel

    Hi there, Been trying to cancel my service for both my phone and tablets. Will be porting over to Vodafone. The online platform makes me fill in a whole bunch of forms and then tells me that an error occurred. How do I go about canceling this effectively?
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    Cape Connect - not connecting to Apple or LG servers

    Hi everyone, Posting on behalf of a friend, in Gordon’s Bay. Just built a house and had Cape Connect do the networking. However, now he is trying to set up his Apple devices and update his LG TV and he is unable to reach any of the servers. When he runs it off his 3G/LTE hotspot...
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    De Velde Fibre (Somerset West)

    Hi guys, I will be moving into the De Velde complex next month, and would like to get connected to Fibre. I believe this is facilitated by SADV. I am currently using wireless internet through Snowball (meh), so I am a total noob when it comes to Fibre. I would like a 100MB line, and my main...
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    TV license

    Hi everybody, i have a question about my TV license. i want to buy a small 32" Hisense for the bedroom. Can I get a 2nd tv on my existing license or do I have to shell out and get a new license for that TV? In Namibia, every TV needs its own license. Does the same apply here, with SABC?