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  1. CamiKaze

    Lockdown-where to report companies that force workers to report for duty

    Not sure if this had been asked, but since I work remotely, and given that I'm not billable, we are forced to take annual leave now. Does anyone have any info around this?
  2. CamiKaze

    Huawei unveils powerful P40 and P40 Pro smartphones

    Beautiful hardware, not needed for the majority of us though.
  3. CamiKaze

    Did you go shopping today?

    Just buying food for the weekend since Mom will be coming to my place for the lockdown. I'll buy when stocks run low.
  4. CamiKaze

    Movie Mini-Review Thread - Part II

    The Wailing - 6/10 Was a bit lost through a huge portion of the movie and had to YouTube what the ending meant but it's ok, deeper than what I though. Good visuals.
  5. CamiKaze

    The Home Improvements Thread (2)

    My concerns: Will the wood not bend with all the weight?
  6. CamiKaze

    The Home Improvements Thread (2)

  7. CamiKaze

    The Home Improvements Thread (2)

    I want to build a floating tv stand, almost similar to this in the link: However, I am a bit concerned about the brackets or the wall mountings that will keep it up, and the wood that needs to be used. It must house my Receiver, my computer, and my center speaker. I want holes for 3 200mm...
  8. CamiKaze

    PlayStation 5 specifications revealed – Huge gaming power

    Does it have HDMI 2.1?
  9. CamiKaze

    When will the Corona Virus end ???

    I mean, more along the lines of evolution, a new species would be pushing it but you know where I'm going with this.
  10. CamiKaze

    When will the Corona Virus end ???

    So what happens after they find a cure? People will still have the genetic marker right? What do you think that means for mankind moving forward?
  11. CamiKaze

    Are you concerned that you will be infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

    I've been having flu symptoms for a while now, and I have waited for this normal flu to take full effect so that I can take sick leave and rest. This feeling comes and goes. On Saturday, I was out... trying to sleep but also, I couldn't sleep. Last night, struggling to sleep, and felt a humid...
  12. CamiKaze

    South Africa has declared coronavirus a national disaster – giving the government these extraordinary powers

    So... are there any stats for the number of companies imposing remote work? I see we still have this "If you're not in sight then you're not working" culture.
  13. CamiKaze

    Weber Braaing

    I actually didn't check. I lost my Weber Chimney thing somewhere and I will probably test it out next week again.
  14. CamiKaze

    Best way to invest my money?

    I have 6 goal saves. R10k in one. R10 in the other 5. (These are older than three months.) So I can add the difference to the R10 goal saves to max out the R10k? So 10k in each.
  15. CamiKaze

    Best way to invest my money?

    What is the maximum that one can invest in a Tymebank goal save? R10 000 or R10 000 in one goal save?