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  1. agentrfr

    [W] Macbook Air/Pro 15"

    Looking for a macbook to be used in music production. Must be 15", and i5 or greater. Battery must be in good condition. Some case scratches okay, but screen must be mint. Retina preferred Price: Depends on year/specs. Is packaging essential?: If shipped, ship it properly. Desired age and...
  2. agentrfr

    Anyone tried CellC LTE + Showmax?

    Hi all I have a neighbour that trying to watch showmax on her DSTV decoder over a CellC LTE connection. Speedtest from the decoder says it is getting 11 Mbps. I get similar over the wifi with my phone to Im convinced CellC is shaping showmax bandwidth to promote their own junk...
  3. agentrfr

    Anyone have a USB->Serial Baofeng Radio programming cable?

    Does anyone have one of these lying around, or know of someone working at a security company that uses Baofeng radios? Will buy you a coffee :) My parents bought two pairs of UV-5R 888S radios from One Day Only to use out where they stay to talk to tennants (cell signal bad even with boosters...
  4. agentrfr

    [W] 2100 MHz Cell Phone Booster

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): A 2100 MHz cell phone booster/amplifier. Target gain ~= 55 dB, output power ~= 17dBmW. N connectors preferred. I have an outdoor and indoor antenna, just need the booster. Is packaging essential?: Bubble wrap? Desired age and condition: As long as it is working...