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    Rate Supersonic

    When things go well all is good. I get a good speed. When thing go bad there service is a shocker. There whats app support is treated as emails and chats. The average response time between chat messages is about an hour. definitely not chat speed. there call center has long queues. If support...
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    Test your speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    supersonic ping 14ms download 4.45 upload 11.3
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    Supersonic LTE off to a bad start

    I am one on the very unhappy customers of supersonic. I was motivated to join them by MyBroadband top ranked isp. supersonic from unknown to top rated isp in south africa What a joke. There service is bad.
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    How to check Supersonic LTE Data Usage

    The FLTE Usage page does not really help. It does show the anytime total and Rollover but I do not know when anything expires or when the rollover will kick in.
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    Two-Day Giveaway with Great Prizes – Enter Now

    The AI Virtual Conference, it is good to hear from experts.
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    MyBroadband Rugby World Cup Giveaway

    That first try. Not only in this game but the first try in a world cup final for SA.
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    Are you a DStv subscriber?

    Yes but not for to much longer the way they are going.
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    Hows this Mtn deal?

    I do not trust MTN deals anymore. There is a Made for me home deal with a total of 210 GB for R599. What it does not state is, this is a fixed LTE (not LTE as it is displayed on the leaflet) offer and there is few slots per tower available. witch means you are lucky if you can get it.
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    Anyone using Bronberg WISP?

    Hi All, Just a heads up. This must be the worst sales experience of a ISP i have ever had. I applied online and was contacted 3 days later. They informed be what is on offer and after sending all the required documents is still waiting for feedback. I stopped the process and applied to afrihost...
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    Android Software Updates

    The way I understand Andriod software updates is first a new version of android is created by google. The different phone companies then customize this and add their own application. This version is then sent to the service provides to add their own set of software. After this is all done the...