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    Facebook pictures details

    Is there a method to ascertain when a picture on Facebook was taken? I don't want to know when it was posted Want to know when it was taken, and if possible where Thanks in advance
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    We must have free DStv and mobile data for SA because of coronavirus – ICASA

    So let's make data free so we can put more strain on networks!!!!:crying: IDIOTS
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    Alternative to Afrihost

    Afrihost have charged me, and refuse to reverse, for a auto top up despite me cancelling my account. Can someone recommend an alternative service provider? Only use pre-paid air time and data Did like Afrihost's auto top up if pre-paid dropped below a defined level Thanks
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    Eskom wins price battle case

    My solar is being installed tomorrow:)
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    The available renewable energy which Minister Gwede Mantashe said does not exist

    The city of Cape Town wants to charge me R400 per month just for the pleasure of selling them my excess electricity Why?
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    Cosatu's wants to use South Africans' pensions to fund Eskom – Here is the solution

    Can someone please explain to me........ Eskom cannot pay its debts. Commercial banks are reluctant to loan Eskom more money. So how is the pension fund going to recover its "investment" in Eskom, with interest?
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    LTE Router

    What is the best LTE router to get? Using Rain in Stellenbosch Need one with external antennae and preferable one that can support an externally mounted antennae and reception is poor. A portable TP Link 7530 router gives very poor reception Thanks
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    Rain versus Telkom ADSL

    I am having problems with my Telkom adsl line, and Helkom don't appear to want to fix it Should I move to Rain LTE? Are they any good? What is the best 4G/LTE-enabled device to use? Thanks
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    Eskom's Medupi nightmare and how it lead to load-shedding

    This says it all.............
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    Upgrade wi-fi 5 to wi-fi 6

    Wi-fi 6 has just been released Excuse my ignorance, but can equipment Wi-fi 5 be upgraded to Wi-fi 6? Thanks
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    Your smartphone can be confiscated if you use it while driving in Cape Town

    There are no traffic cops in Cape Town, other those sitting in bushes with their speed cameras! None of the laws like slowing down for yellow traffic lights, let alone stopping for a red one, stopping at a stop street etc are enforced so not worried about having phone confiscated - not that I...
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    Is it worth having a VPN

    Is it worth having a VPN? does it really stop people seeing where I go to on the Internet? Will it help prevent virus's etc
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    Password Manager

    Can anyone recommend a decent password manager program? Needs to be able to automatically sync between my windows pc and android & apple phones Preferably a once off purchase rather than a subscription Thanks
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    Stop MTN replaying mobile number when listening to voice mail

    Is there a way that I can stop MTN telling me my mobile number when listening to voice mail? It is sooo irritating
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    Laptop Recommendation

    I am looking for a laptop with the following minimum requirements: Storage 500 GB SSD or larger Memory (RAM) 12 GB Processor (CPU) Intel i7, 7th-gen Graphics Card (GPU) Onboard Graphics similar to a desktop with 2-4 GB dedicated VRAM NVIDIA GeForce 950, 960, 980, 1050, 1060, 1070, 1080 or...
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    Windows 10 Adverts

    Thanks very much
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    Windows 10 Adverts

    Hi gamer16 Attached Thanks
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    Windows 10 Adverts

    I am using Windows 10 I keep getting advert pop ups. How do I disable these?