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  1. Moridin

    WACS cable break - Slow SA Internet speeds

    I tried playing World Of Tanks. 430ms ping. It's a shitshow. Now what to keep me busy with?
  2. Moridin

    WACS cable break - Slow SA Internet speeds

    Not again. Not now. How will we remain sane in this lockdown?
  3. Moridin

    South Africans are leaving the country in "big numbers". Here's why that's not good.

    My daughter's boyfriend at school and his family are leaving permanently for the Netherlands in March. Apparently there are now many firms in the Netherlands looking for Afrikaans speakers since it easy for them to adopt the language. Family of 4 gone. Both parents are in IT.
  4. Moridin

    Official Vox DSL feedback thread

    Why is Vox the only ISP in town that has not made plans to buy bandwidth through other cable suppliers like Afrihost and others did? This has now been going on since late December, and last night my download speed on fibre was only 25% of my contract spec. And at around 350ms ping WoT is...
  5. Moridin

    South Africans are leaving the country in "big numbers". Here's why that's not good.

    Both my sons indicated that they will leave after they studied and built up some experience. I will miss them, but will feel better knowing that their future will be better elsewhere, where they won't be discriminated against because they are white, and won't have to hide behind electrified...
  6. Moridin

    Rate Vox

    Nope. Still have over 330ping to US servers compared to 230 before. Don't know where you get that fairytale from.
  7. Moridin

    VOX Fiber Speeds - Bit of an issue lately?

    I am paying for 100/100, but frequently get lower then 50 down. Tonight is really terrible. Ping: 22ms Download: 17.49Mbps Upload: 94.58Mbps
  8. Moridin

    How South Africa's Internet survived multiple cable breaks

    Any news on when this will be fixed? Hopefully by now the ship has sailed up north from Cape Town.
  9. Moridin

    Bad news for IT professionals in SA

    We are still looking for experienced Java / Spring developers, Cape Town based. By experienced, I mean like 10 years plus. There are too many developers that know languages and platforms, but have no experience with business systems in general, as well as support and learning on their own and...
  10. Moridin

    Official Vox DSL feedback thread

    Seems like Vox is going down the Crystal Web rabbithole.
  11. Moridin

    Real newegg ships to sa now!!

    My issue with this is warranty claims. Having to ship the unit back etc, is a real pain and with high tech components warranty claims are a high probability. I am currently going through just such a thing, lucky I bought local. Wootware is a 5 min drive from where I stay.
  12. Moridin

    Anyone have 3900x?

    BTW, this was so far the best review of mid to high range X570 MOBOs I could find on the net. In Dutch though, but should not be a problem to read for most of us, hey? They even have a whole...
  13. Moridin

    Official Vox DSL feedback thread

    Moertoe again. Struggled to get this site open: Ping: 135ms Download: 0.06Mbps Upload: 0.03Mbps
  14. Moridin

    Motherboard recommendations

    You know you WANT the Gigagyte X570 Aorus Xtreme. You are just asking to be pushed and not feel guilty about it.
  15. Moridin

    Mechanical keyboards

    I have recently acquired a Corsair K70 Mod 2 with Cherry MX Brown. Absolutely the bomb. I have been a software dev for 29 years now, and this is the second best keyboard I ever worked with. The best was those IBM keyboards that came with the IBM PS/2 Microchannel PCs that had a casing made out...
  16. Moridin

    Official Vox DSL feedback thread

    It's a complete **** show. Missed out on following the TdF on streaming today. Ping: 71ms Download: 0.39Mbps Upload: 0.37Mbps
  17. Moridin

    Official Vox DSL feedback thread

    We have no choice here in Strand. They are the only supplier at the moment installing here. OpenServe don't even have our area in their plans for the next 3 years.
  18. Moridin

    Official Vox DSL feedback thread

    Yup, moertoe here in Strand also. A pity that Frogfoot's ETA keeps on moving out all the time. Now 31 July here. But I doubt they will even make that deadline. EDIT: Just checked that Frogfoot ETA. Now 31 Aug. That ETA was originally End of March this year. Seems they have run out of teams to...
  19. Moridin

    As a senior software dev, what's the one piece of advice that you would give to your younger self ?

    Don't ever burn your bridges. Can't even remember how many times I walked into a new company only to see familiar faces. Don't put your eggs in one basket. Learn as many languages and frameworks as possible, even if it has to be on your own time. I got to where I am just because I played with...
  20. Moridin

    Bitcoin reaches $10,000

    Greed is a poor teacher it seems.