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  1. Sudo Panic

    Is it okay to use Wordpress?

    Hey just a quick question, I've been getting mixed reviews online about Wordpress, some are saying there is nothing wrong with it if you keep it up to date and others are saying that you are asking to get hacked if you used Wordpress at all, to my understanding coding a site from scratch and...
  2. Sudo Panic

    WiFi Mesh system that can do 100Mbps+

    Good morning my fellow members, I have a client who received a router from Afrihost (D-link piece of k@k), the guy who installed everything told him to buy a "more" expensive router as this would resolve his problem but gave no recommendations. It's a single story house and has 7 rooms so...
  3. Sudo Panic

    Ideas for a Java App/Website/Program

    Hey guys so I started with python but put that on hold as our university wants us to learn Java, I will be doing python during the holidays but for now I've been working on my Java skills for +3 hours a day, I need a project or something to work on and was going to involve two of my friends as a...
  4. Sudo Panic

    Dell SE2419H Repair?

    Hi guys so we had loadshedding the other night and I knocked my headphone stand (metal) against the display. Anybody know where I can get it repaired? I'm in Cape Town, I've spoken to Dell and read through the forums, they don't do monitor repairs.
  5. Sudo Panic

    The reason students are protesting/striking at CPUT

    Dear Staff and Students On Thursday, March 5 the Executive Management (EM) received a list of demands from protesting students and we are sharing this with the university community in the interest of transparency. The demands made were as follows: 1. Uplifting suspensions of students...
  6. Sudo Panic

    Mr Robot - A Tribute *Spoilers*

    DO NOT WATCH IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE SERIES. Watching this made me so sad, nothing will ever fill the void that was Mr Robot T-T. Farewell Elliot
  7. Sudo Panic

    Microdosing with Magic Mushrooms

    Good day everybody :) A couple of months ago I had a bit of a breakdown/burnout and was recommended to give microdosing a try. I've been reading up on Magic Mushrooms for a couple of months and recently got my hands on the 'golden teacher' strain. If there is anybody on the forum who has...
  8. Sudo Panic

    What would you do?

    My sister wants to become a wildlife veterinarian, University of Pretoria is the only place that offers the course, she finishes high school next year but she is required to apply to universities this year as there is a waiting period depending on the institution. She has worked really hard and...
  9. Sudo Panic

    Is it wrong that I want to cause people pain?

    Why do people get so aggressive when it comes to videogames? I feel like I could smash someones skull in, this only happens with one particular game though and usually passes after a minute or two.
  10. Sudo Panic

    Why are black South Africans trying to reclaim land that doesn't belong to them?

    Please correct me if I am wrong but what claim do black South Africans have? As far as I know it is the Khoisan who have walked these lands for thousands of years and African tribes originated from the north? Sorry I have very little knowledge on this and started reading about this recently as...
  11. Sudo Panic

    Did anybody else not have internet for about 30 minutes @23:50ish?

    Several of my websites hosted at different providers were down along with my Rain LTE connection on two different sim cards? I had full signal and a traceroute to Googles DNS didn't respond. Just curious as it might be the undersea cable that their working on?
  12. Sudo Panic

    Hisense 55K3300UW Smart TV - Dstv Now Support?

    My uncle purchased a TV about 4 years ago and has recently had fibre installed, everything else works great. Except for the lack of live sport. Does anybody know if this particular TV supports Dstv now? It uses the Opera TV Store and has Netflix, ShowMax, Youtube and has the opera browser...
  13. Sudo Panic

    Looking to purchase a laptop for University - Programming, Web development, Media encoding etc

    Hey guys compliments of the season :) I am looking to purchase a new laptop for Uni (App Development). Context I've been stuck for the past two days in making a decision and wanted to know if you guys could help me out. So I'm not looking to be spoon fed it's just that this is a lot of cash...
  14. Sudo Panic

    Starting a side hustle...

    Hi guys, I've had this side hustle for about 2 years now but never really thought about it much because I just saw it as a way for a student to get some extra cash. So basically I've been doing installations of anything related to tech think (Smart TV's/WiFi/Desktops/Sound Systems) etc etc. I...
  15. Sudo Panic

    Goodbye all

    I'd just like to thank you all for helping me on my journey, from the addiction to the mental health issues and the odd thread here, heck even the trolls made me proud to have been a member here, I would love to stay but I must leave now. I wish you all the best. Ciao Sudo Panic
  16. Sudo Panic

    Cloud to cloud transfer possible?

    I have about 110GB of data saved in the cloud (Onedrive) and a google one membership with 200GB of free storage, would it be possible to transfer the data straight across or would I need to download it again and reupload it?
  17. Sudo Panic

    Am I crazy?

    I get between 4 - 6 hours of sleep over a cycle. MIO alarm is set for 04:00 - 04:45, I leave for work by 05:00 and get to "work" at 05:45 - 06:00 (my actual job only starts at 08:00) [Within that 2 additional hours] I usually eat breakfast, take a multivitamin read the news and mentally...
  18. Sudo Panic

    What's the point to any of this?

    Over the past 3 years I've sat back and watched my life go up and down, there's multiple things I could mention but I feel as if it wouldn't make a difference aside from revealing my true identity, as of 2019 I have no friends, the place I work doesn't respect me and I have no ambition to push...