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    Which ISP do you currently use?

    Afrihost client. They are the least crap provider of them all
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    What car do you drive?

    A couple...
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    Shocking Service-Customer support without a cooking clue

    New account, just to bitch about slow speeds? You are aware that there is a cable break that basically cut everyone else's speed in half too?
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    Travel agent rip off

    Our Travel agent is about 10% more expensive than going through the airlines direct, but that's a price worth paying. Have been using the same agency for nearly 30 years, and they know our preferences exactly.
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    Do you tap

    Use my watch to pay exclusive... to the point where I only go to stores where that’s possible
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    Cool Ideas tested. Failed. Home-Connect tested. Failed. Next?

    Would have been nice, but apparently sarcasm and blaming the customer are amongst the corner stone of CISP customer service...
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    [Opinion] Why Soweto residents do not owe Eskom R18-billion

    Cut ‘em off. Let ‘em riot. They’ll stop as soon as it gets dark anyways...
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    Rare cars on SA road

    It’s from Namibia...
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    Cool Ideas tested. Failed. Home-Connect tested. Failed. Next?

    My opinion and ultimate reason for aborting the service. If you don’t like it, a safe space can be organized for you.
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    Cool Ideas tested. Failed. Home-Connect tested. Failed. Next?

    I have this love-hate abusive relationship with Afrihost, but I can’t ever seem to leave them... Honestly, all ISP‘s are shitt, some like CISP are just shittier than others.
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    Is my TV worth trying to repair

    Trash it, get a monitor.
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    How Old Is Your Car? And What Is The Mileage?

    Car Make and Model : SAAB 93 Cabriolet Age : 18 Years Milage : 145kKM Plan : Keep it. Car Make and Model : Chrysler Grand Cherokee Age : 18 Years Milage : 202kKM Plan : Currently has a slight engine tap, keep sending it until it blows up. Car Make and Model : Renault Captur Age : 2.5 years...
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    touring to europa

    No sarcasm. If we got scared of every little thing out there, we’d never leave our homes...
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    touring to europa

    Why would you cancel because of Corona?
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    Why you need a dashcam

    The PC Virtue signalers really derailed this thread...
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    Vanity Plates

    my Land Rover is no more.
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    Vanity Plates

    I am thinking of getting: MNYPIT1 WP & MNYPIT2 for my cars...
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    FNB Private client vs Private wealth

    thats fair... I don’t utilize eBucks and I’m not interested in home or car loans, as those I pay cash. My banker is only interested in peddling the latest and greatest products, but when it comes time for assistance he disappears. for me, it’s not worth it.