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  1. RetroRabbit

    Alexa Import Duties

    Hey guys, Has anyone brought in an Alexa from the US? If so can you possibly provide the import duties that you paid? It seems much cheaper on Amazon. The only worry I have is that you'll probably get 110V power adapter. Would appreciate if someone can shed some light on this.
  2. RetroRabbit

    Connex and Home Assistant

    Has anyone paired a connex device like this to home assistant? I can't really find anything about it on the internet and I would really love that door contact for my home assistant to act as an alarm. Unless someone has a better product/suggestion on how to do the door sensor.
  3. RetroRabbit

    Which neutral to use

    Hey guys Hoping you can help, I was looking at getting this smart switch. I just opened up my switch and saw something interesting, there are 3 live (red) 3 neutral (black) and a copper cable. So it seems two live and two neutral come in. The two reds are on the in of the switch with the third...
  4. RetroRabbit

    How far will you make it without a degree

    So I am currently employed as a intermediate software developer, earning a decent salary with nice benefits. I have currently been working as a software developer for 3 years, prior to that I was a sysadmin and before that a helpdesk kiddo. I don't have a degree, I worked my way up with...
  5. RetroRabbit

    Telkom FreeMe Equivalent

    Hi guys, I have had Telkom FreeMe 2GB for a while now but the network quality around me hasn't been the greatest. Does Vodacom have a similar package to the FreeMe packages? I am looking for at least 5GB data if at all possible. Thanks!