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    ILIFE V5S Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner , including mop

    Item: ILIFE V5S Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner , including mop Age: 1 Month Price: R3500 Warranty: Gearbest, so no. Happy to give you the invoice Packaging: Full Condition: Brand new, tested for a week, still has all plastic on. Location: Cape Town Reason: Want to order the bigger v7 Shipping: On you...
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    Paradox SP6000 + TM40 Touch Keypad

    Item: Paradox SP6000 + TM40 Touch Keypad + 8 zone expander. The alarm will have a total of 16zones, and can be extended to take up to 32 zones. Age: 3 years+ Price: 2400 Warranty: No Packaging: Non, will package. Condition: Excellent Location: Cape Town Reason: Upgrading Shipping: Preferably...
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    Categorization Website

    Hi All, Hoping one of you can assist in suggesting an existing site that can help with the below: Problem: I currently evaluate multiple start-up business on a weekly basis. I generally check out their online presence, and I meet with them to build a context that is relevant to my...
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    Will/Estate Fees

    Hi All, Any Will or Estate experts on the forum? I am trying to figure out how the fees structure and taxes are calculated. See example below: Estate value: 4m net (After all debts are paid) -3.5m estate allowance = R500k, this will incur the 20% estate duty of 100k. If I left the remaining...