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  1. SmellyCelly

    Where can you buy Orzo?

    Hi! Just wondering if anyone knows where you can buy Orzo from in JHB? I can't seem to find it anywhere except for Faithful to Nature. Thanks!
  2. SmellyCelly

    Tattoos - do you tip?

    Going for my first tattoo soon. What's the etiquette with regards to tipping? She's designing it for me and tattooing it, so I'm paying R900 per hour, estimated 3 hours. Thanks!!
  3. SmellyCelly

    Looking for refurbished or well priced laptop

    Looking for two identical well-priced laptops (we don’t have a big budget, but we also don’t want to be unusably slow) for general use. Happy to consider refurbs. Budget R5k-R7k. Any advice?
  4. SmellyCelly

    CDs wanted

    If anyone is looking to get rid of their old music CDs, please let me know :) Rock, alternative, grunge, punk, metal etc. all would be appreciated. Please inbox me. Cool, thanks :)
  5. SmellyCelly

    Internet woes - advice for correct package?

    Hi guys So here's the deal. I am currently on Afrihost's 30GB mobile data deal. I pay around R800 for 30GB which is a really steep considering the cost of fiber, but I'm not in a fiber area :( Apparently the adsl line in my area is also pretty terrible and no matter what line speed you're on...
  6. SmellyCelly


    Does anyone know if you can buy mugwort in South Africa? Johannesburg specifically. Thanks!
  7. SmellyCelly

    Place to buy unsellable products (chocolates etc. that are the wrong shape to sell)

    About 15-20 years ago, I remember there was a place where you could buy chocolates that had come out in funny shapes, so they couldn't sell them in the shops with the branded packaging. There were all kinds of different chocolates, all perfectly edible, at very good rates. Are there still...
  8. SmellyCelly

    Passport enquiries

    I have a few questions and I was hoping someone had advice :) I need to book a flight in the next few months (to Brisbane for travel in April next year). Does anyone know when is the best time to book to get the best rate? Now or closer to the time? Secondly, I have an Australia...
  9. SmellyCelly

    Anyone seen any good movies recently?

    Anyone seen any good movies recently? I feel like the last few I've watched have been terrible. Any suggestions for ones you thought were exceptionally brilliant? Thanks! :)
  10. SmellyCelly

    Freezing Virgin Active Membership

    Hi Does anyone know how the freezing of Virgin Active membership works? Do the monthly payments stop until you unfreeze it? Also how does it relate to the Discovery Vitality discount etc. and the 36 times per 12 month period that is required? Thanks so much!
  11. SmellyCelly

    Recommendation for coffee machine that isn't crazy expensive

    Hi guys I love a good cuppa coffee... at work we have an awesome, but crazy expensive coffee machine, which I love. At home I just have a french press and moka pot. I'd like to get another machine to add to my home collection, but all the really good ones are about R4000+ - does anyone know...
  12. SmellyCelly

    Upgrade with Vodacom resulted in dual phone installments being charged

    I received an sms from Vodacom a few weeks ago saying that my upgrade was due. So I upgraded online via the Vodacom website on 7 April (one week ago). I have only just noticed on my online bill that I am being charged for TWO handset installments. When I inquire about this, I get told that...
  13. SmellyCelly

    Vodacom upgrades - Screen Insurance and R10,000 online educational voucher

    Some of the latest Vodacom deals, released today, include free screen insurance and a R10,000 online educational voucher. Does anyone know any further details about these bonuses as they don't elaborate on anything... Thanks :)
  14. SmellyCelly

    Fun plans for Sat 13 Feb needed

    Help! The boyfriend has left me in charge to plan Saturday night, as he is doing something for us on Sunday. I have no idea what to organise, he has high expectations and I'm so lame with these things. Does anyone have any ideas besides for the usual supper out and a movie? Haha... any...
  15. SmellyCelly

    License Disk Renewal - no renewal notice arrived

    Hi, So normally I go to the post office with my license disc renewal notice. I haven't received it and it's way way overdue now (almost 2 months). Can I still go to the post office or do I need to go to the licensing department now to fill out one of those forms? Thank you.
  16. SmellyCelly

    Laser Tattoo Removal Advice

    Good morning :) I was wondering if anyone has had laser tattoo removal and what your experience with it was? I tried Eliminik for a bit (ink that gets tattooed into the original ink and supposedly dissolves it) but that didn't work well for me and was starting to cause bad scarring so I...
  17. SmellyCelly

    Looking to buy or borrow Until Dawn (PS4)

    Looking to buy or borrow Until Dawn (PS4) if anyone is selling / willing to lend. Thanks!
  18. SmellyCelly

    Good Thai Massage in Joburg

    Heyyy! Happy 2016 everyone :) Can anyone recommend a really good Thai massage place in JHB? Thanks!
  19. SmellyCelly

    iTunes Music Library - little dotted cloud

    Hi there Sorry if this seems a silly question. I've just acquired a Macbook Pro. I'm moving my music over to it. And in the iTunes Library, it's show a small dotted cloud next to each track. Does this mean it's going to be uploading it to the cloud? Is there a way to prevent this as I'm on a...
  20. SmellyCelly

    AEA Distribution

    Does anyone know anything about this company? Wanted to order NueCoco but none of their contact numbers are working and they aren't replying to emails.