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    ADSL Available or Discontinued?

    I stay in Parklands, close to the Sandown Checkers, and I want to know when ADSL lines will be discontinued or if they have already been discontinued in the area? Any information would be very helpful on this matter.
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    Fibre installation estimate

    I stay in a small complex in Parklands and we want to get Fibre installed in the complex for 20 units. Can anyone tell me how long this whole process may take more or less?
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    What are my rights (as a homeowner in a complex)?

    We bought a sectional title in a complex in Parklands, more than two years ago. The complex is managed by a body corporate who is utterly incapable of doing anything. The complex obviously does not have fibre and for the last two years I have been actively trying to get fibre installed in the...
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    How to BYPASS Body Corporate

    My body corporate has been unable and unwilling to provide our complex with fibre. It has been two years since I actively started pursuing the notion for the complex to get fibre and they just keep making excuses. The admin of the body corporate has now blocked my emails and I can no longer...
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    Fibre providers - Parklands

    Does anyone know which fibre providers are active in Thetford Road, Parklands? My body corporate is refusing to work with Frogfoot for some reason and Octotel says that this road falls outside of their network.
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    Fibre in Complex - HELP

    I am a homeowner in a complex in Parklands. I have been pushing our body corporate for the last two years to get fibre installed in the complex but they have been utterly unhelpful and uninterested. Is there anything I can do to by-pass them or legally take the matter to a higher authority?