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  1. lexor

    Tenant can't pay rent

    It's tough times for most people out there. Now is the time help each other as far as we can. My sisters child and her boyfriend both worked in the restaurant industry in Ireland for the last 6-9 months. Both lost their jobs due to Covid 19. Their landlord reduced their rent by 50% for the next...
  2. lexor

    Free Internet speed upgrades for South Africans

    same here
  3. lexor

    Cybersmart Lockdown Special - R399 for uncapped 1Gbps fibre on prepaid

    Link please. Cannot find it on their website.
  4. lexor

    Lockdown....whatya doing right now?

    Getting ready to drive to work.
  5. lexor

    BCX Giveaway - Win a Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot

    The security landscape I learned that : A breach is not always due to hacking it can be due to mistakes people made.
  6. lexor

    Mimecast Giveaway - Enter Now

    The Backup & Recovery Kit Gives You Access To: Mimecast Sync and Recover Solution Overview & Demo Videos Infographic: Protect + Recover: Is Microsoft O365™ Good Enough? Gartner Research: Adopt Microsoft O365 For Damage Control And Fast Recovery after Attacks Datasheet: Mimecast Archive Sync &...
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    Mimecast Giveaway - Enter Now

    Year-Over-Year Increase in Ransomware The impact of a ransomware attack can disrupt business operations for days and cause data access issues.
  8. lexor

    Mimecast Giveaway - Enter Now

    Mimecast's Awareness Training is cybersecurity training made fun, proven effective. With the right materials, your employees can overcome the evolving cyber threat landscape.
  9. lexor

    Showmax special offers vs Netflix – Prices and content compared

    You simply cannot compare export quality grapes with sour raisins. The 2 is miles apart . Lets face it - Showmax is s#!t