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  1. Kornhole

    'uber' for kids - teenagers

    Do you guys/girls know of a different service for kids /teens. The dad is nervous letting his 14 year old daughters catch a normal Uber. Thanks in advance
  2. Kornhole

    Teamtreehouse Techdegree-New Career path help

    Hey ladies and gentlemen, Need some tips on starting a new career. Basically what techdegree would you choose from this list (That might actually get me a job-I am 30 so running out of time)? Please share your thoughts/tips etc. Thank you in advance :giggle: . They also have tracks for $25...
  3. Kornhole

    Owl thing for kids this weekend

    Just look below. [emoji39]
  4. Kornhole

    Sad ending for dog stoned in Oudtshoorn Poor nunu :crying::crying::crying:
  5. Kornhole

    Heartwarming moment stranded dog is rescued after being found swimming 130 MILES off shore
  6. Kornhole

    4 young South Africans presumed drowned in Mozambique, but father remains 'hopeful' :( :( :(
  7. Kornhole

    What are your plans for your family if you die?

    What must you think about ? As in for family etc ? What do you guys and girls plan for if it does happen ? I know property can get ugly ... sad how it destroyed some relationships in my family . Thanks again guys and girls [emoji5]
  8. Kornhole

    Happy 10 years Korn1

    Slackers :crying::crying::crying:.
  9. Kornhole

    A late sober October

    Hey guys and pretending to be girls . I am going to stop drinking alcohol for a month and maybe some of you will join me on this journey (not really a new thread ) .About 4 months ago I went to the doctor because I had a allergic reaction to deodorant which I ignored for a few months ... because...
  10. Kornhole

    So I have started running

    So do any of you guys/gals run? I have a huge blister on my foot any cures? :( Plus when I do run I run as much as I can and then take like a 30 second breather and run again is that cool?:) Spry if they are dumb questions :o