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  1. Brewmaster

    AMG's A45 wild child revealed Yummy! I will be seriously tempted if they bring out a 3-door version at a good price...
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    Pregnant and changing medical aids?

    So I knocked her the **** up. Problem is we need to change medical aids in the near future since she's leaving her work and therefore we're leaving her industry-mandated medical aid. Will Mini-Me related expenses be covered on the new medical aid? I was eyeing Momentum in particular.
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    Pink wors

    Once upon a time, I bought some pink wors from a butcher for a braai and the wors was super tasty, the best wors I've ever had. It was in a faraway town though while I was on holiday, and I've never been able to find the same wors in Joburg. Anyone ever had such wors? It doesn't taste like...
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    Public holidays

    Would it not be a good idea to pass a law that states that all public holidays must always be adjacent to the weekend? For example, if the holiday falls on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday then it must be moved to the Monday, and if it's on Thursday or Friday then it must be moved to the Friday...
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    Do you remember that HOT! substitute teacher you had a crush on?

    I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. My already poor marks suffered. All due to a substitute maths teacher I had in standard four (grade 6 for all the new school guys). It was really bad. I was "in love" with a girl from school (let's call her H), but for those three months that Ms...
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    OpenWeb Gold and throttled

    I signed up for OpenWeb Gold due to the positive feedback that can be found on this here forum, but my experience with this product has left a lot to be desired. Initially I was on a WebAfrica backbone, which worked fine for a little while, but then I started noticing that my downloads from...
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    Application Service Maker - Run any program as a service

    UPDATE 2013/03/23: Version 0.3 released. I've added some features which I've needed since the initial release. Maybe they'll be useful to others as well. - Duplication is now possible, i.e. you can run the same application more than once, like multiple "cmd" processes. - You can send...
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    So in order to get out of helping my missus clean the house and dishes and windows, I've negotiated a deal whereby I cook supper each night and she'll do everything else. The problem is, I haven't cooked in 4+ years :o Can you guys and gals share some of your most delicious recipes with me? I...
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    rpm on Y-FM

    lol did anyone else catch rpm on yfm this morning? that was quite surprising :) he was telling them that soweto is the place in joburg with the fastest broadband, fyi influx of joburg youth imminent?
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    Bus/coach hire

    do you guys know how much it would cost to hire a 60 seater bus to transport a full load of people about 700KM return? with overnight stay? and from where? any help will be greatly appreciated :)
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    If you are atheist, you are religious

    so i have this friend on facebook who posted the following note under the above heading. i'd just like to see how some of you would have responded, and in particular to compare the atheists' responses to my own response that i gave her.
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    The Official Tablet PC Thread

    i thought it would be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to sharing info on tablets, since it looks like this market is about to boom with all the announced products. man i need a tablet :( anyways, i've been following these tablets quite closely: notion ink adam: android based...
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    And people think Bulls supporters are bad?

    so i was on sport24 reading some articles, when i stumbled across a poll that basically asked who you think will be in the super14 final. 53 % Bulls v Stormers okay makes sense, most saffers want an all SA final. 11 % Bulls v Waratahs are yes, some loony bulls supporters who don't understand...
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    Electricity meter number changed

    so the average daily electricity consumption at my place was sitting at about 40kWh, until my meter number changed from (example) "js0001" to "js0001#ed1". it was at this point that the ave daily consumption tripled to about 120kWh :wtf:. does anyone know what the "#ed1" means? and why my...
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    How to play MKV files on your Xbox 360

    not sure if this has been posted before, but it is now possible to play .mkv files on your xbox 360 WITHOUT TRANSCODING if you're running Windows 7 RC or RTM on your pc and you use media center as your media server. here's how: 1) on your pc, go to and download the free divx 7...
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    removing profile from pnet

    so, err, how does one remove one's profile from pnet? or at least disable it so recruiters et al can stop calling and sending me job specs. i can't seem to find the option anywhere :confused:
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    FIFA and 2010 trademarks

    Article 1 Article 2 reading those stories i get the feeling that fifa has managed to trademark "2010" :eek:. i thought numbers and dates could not be trademarked? example being when media24 tried to sue someone over the use of the number 24, i think i remember the case being thrown out...
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    YANRT (Yet Another New Rig Thread)

    you guys are probably tired of seeing all the new pc threads but you give such good advice ;) anyways, i have never had a decent pc so i think its about time i spoil myself a little. the pc will be used to play games quite a lot and also be used for normal pc stuff like browsing interwebs...
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    Sony amps: Str-dg820 / Str-da2400es

    hello guys, i'm looking at buying one of these amplifiers come month end but i don't know where to get them? the only place in SA that seems to have them is STR-DG820 - @ R5199...
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    New diesel GTI: Meet the GTD in the words of Ghandi from Clone High, SAY WHAAAATTTT???!! LOL :D EDIT: from the article