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    Xiaomi Soundbar I'm hoping if this is any good, that this will be sold locally at a similar price point.
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    SABC to broadcast live English Premier League matches

    For real? While MC has been crying about Netflix, they lose the ball in the midfield to SABC!? Granted it seems to be some Saturday matches only, but still.
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    Limpopo/Mpumalanga day hikes and accommodation June/July 2018

    So I've always been toying with the idea of road tripping out that way. The footage on TV and the web have always intrigued me and I'd like to get up there next winter. I believe the heat is bearable then and hiking-activities for me anyway are best suited in cooler weather. So I have...
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    Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus Custom ROM: Suggestions please.

    Been yonks since I bothered with Flashing ROMS, but my 8GB GGPP has so much bloatware, its useless, even with moving whatever apps I can to the 16GB SD Card I have. So its time. Downloaded Odin, and gonna get started with rooting. Trusted ROMS you guys and gals are using - I am also...
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    How to buy MTN Data Bundles with airtime?

    After 18 years of staying off contracts, I bit the bullet and went down this road again. They had a reasonable deal, with the Xiaomi Mi4 for R199 with some data, on net calls and sms. I just needed a replacement phone without the cash layout for my Huawei Mediapad. Anyway, I buy airtime...
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    Used Diesel Double Cab Bakkie or 4x4 Advice

    So as the family is getting more into hiking and camping our vehicle needs are changing. The little Getz isn't hacking it anymore. We're a family of four, 5 with the Sharpei. I had a pretty good deal lined up on a 2008 double cab,4x2 Hilux 3.0 Turbo diesel, but the seller is messing me...
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    Obama pledges $7 billion to upgrade power in Africa

    After nearly a year of non activity, OP comes to post 2 trollworthy threads? :rolleyes: Or is this marine1's or intel8080's clone? :whistle:
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    The MyBB Google Glass RSS Feed Thread

    :p Well - something like it :D Its not available here, sure. But its newsworthy and worth keeping an eye on. So hopefully this thread will just serve as a centralised place to drop all news and events surrounding it :) Just been rooted by Saurik. From Gizmodo
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    MyBBCT Braai Day! 27 October 2012!

    Come one, come all! NB!! Check this OP for updates: Hi folks. Venue is now confirmed to be the Uthango Braai area at Silvermine. The rental of the venue has been sorted. There is however a R25 Gate Fee per person. We've got the area from 10am till 5pm. It's central for most, out of the way...
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    Home Studio PC Build. Advice please.

    Wasn't sure if to post this in the hardware section or here. But as I want to get the feel from a musician's POV, I elected to post here.\ What I do, musically: Semi-Accoustic guitar Electric guitar Vocals So the idea is to record those items listed via a Focusirte 2i/2o or I may even go...
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    ***myBB Cape Town Meet - 24 March 2012***

    Post last edited on 20 March 2012, 14:30 Jis! You know the deal! Please note that we're now only going to be at &Union as opening times for SkyBar has changed. ------------------------- Where and When! 24 March 2012 andUnion @ 15h00 Address: 110 Bree Street, Cape Town Central...
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    Would rather die than be treated for advanced cancer: A Doctor's take.

    From the Mail's GP, a deeply provocative confession... By Martin Scurr Continues in 2nd post
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    China creates city made entirely from snow and ice!

    The 28th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, which opens on January 5, features work by some of the best ice sculptors and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. More pics and details at the sauce!
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    Desolate, out of the way, cheap holiday home for 3 days?

    Looking at about an hour or so away from Cape Town. On the cheap if possible for 25-27 January 2012. I don't want any neighbours around as I'm planning on making a bit of noise. When I say noise, I mean my accoustic guitar, an electric guitar and small amp and a snare, high-hat, bass drum...
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    BB 9810 on MTN - Where can I view deals?

    Occie and VC make it easy, but I'm sturggling to find any deals or info online for MTN. Anyone got any handy links please?
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    Porsche 356 speedster replica/Kit car

    Anyone ever dabbled with such a project? I've always loved the car and only really thought about it when a mate came across a 718 Spyder on Gumtree. After seeing this ad, I became intrigued about a 356 replica/kit car...
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    My first ASA takedown! Yes Vodacom, retract that ad!

    ASA Ruling here: I had to hear that ad twice on the radio to be sure what they said. Opera Mini - only from VC - I think not! *does the happy dance* *loves sticking it to the man* :twisted: Damn - not like that ok?! :erm:
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    The Tron Light Cycle has come to Real Life!

    Well in a way :) From the Daily Mail. Can't wait for this damn movie! :D
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    Google Nexus S Review

    From Engadget and GSMArena. . More at the links above.