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  1. Easter Bunny

    tv hdmi input gets no signal after a few seconds

    i knew i saw it somewhere, but i just needed to find where it was: the description has "full HD", but in the resolution section it has "1366*768(HD)" (discontinued though) i thought HD and full HD was the same, because there are tons out there still...
  2. Easter Bunny

    tv hdmi input gets no signal after a few seconds

    having a look to see what a new 32" costs, but i notice that everyone is still calling 1366x768 an "hd tv". thought that's been handled a while ago?
  3. Easter Bunny

    tv hdmi input gets no signal after a few seconds

    as the title suggests, my tv (a 32" 2010 samsung hd ready) gives the "no signal" after a few seconds of input after turning on my pc or resetting the chromecast. the pc shows the post screen and upto the windows loading screen, then blank. the chromecast shows only it's boot screen ("chromecast"...
  4. Easter Bunny

    New rules for all websites and ISPs during coronavirus outbreak

    does this mean i have to actually make my website now?
  5. Easter Bunny

    Novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Updates & Discussion 2

    loving how everyone is panicking and buying tons of fresh food. all the fresh meat is gone at woolies. fruit too. looking at the makro pics in the mybb article now, you see people in the queue with frozen food, which is totally going to be frozen when you get home after being in a queue for many...
  6. Easter Bunny

    Couriers must stop delivering packages that are under 1kg in South Africa - Post Office

    fine, but the post office must stop "losing" or sitting on packages under 1kg.
  7. Easter Bunny

    Something odd is happening on Telkom's mobile network

    i was recently on a work weekend in an area where vodacom people had full 4g signal, meanwhile i had either no signal at all or roamed on vodacom with edge, but couldn't even send a whatsapp message (text only). asked telkom about that on twitter and was told: how can you tell us you have...
  8. Easter Bunny

    Apple publishes new patent for a foldable iPhone

    wow! apple invented a phone that can fold?! other phone manufacturers better not release any foldable phones in the future unless they want lawsuits up the wazoo.
  9. Easter Bunny

    Facebook to run free ads about coronavirus, says Zuckerberg

    but i bet they're not obligated to fact-check those ads.
  10. Easter Bunny

    South African tech stocks hurt by coronavirus

    eoh did that to themselves.
  11. Easter Bunny

    Load-shedding is a massive problem for Rain 5G

    this weekend i was in an area with terrible telkom reception. i pretty much only got signal on their vodacom roaming, but with an edge connection. 0 throughput. sometimes i got telkom with hsdpa, but again, 0 throughput. would have killed for 56k.
  12. Easter Bunny

    Massive boiler design flaw at South Africa's biggest power stations

    the sagrada familia cathedral will probably be finished before medupi and kusile.
  13. Easter Bunny

    South Africa's new mega smart city - All the details

    from the linked article: they're building a new city? and what about the townships where kids walk to school and get washed away because there are no bridges to get over the rivers on the way to their schools that have no windows, toilets or a roof? perhaps you should fix the things you...
  14. Easter Bunny

    18 SA Post Office workers fall ill after handling "white powdery substance" in international package

    i'm sure the people who have waited weeks or months won't mind an extra day's wait.
  15. Easter Bunny

    Personal data of 1.7 million Nedbank clients compromised

    i wouldn't be too worried if i was that service provider. if they can't find their db being shared somewhere on the internet, they can just email nedbank for a dropbox link to their customer db again. apparently our banks will give all our personal data to anyone who asks.
  16. Easter Bunny

    Flying versus driving to Durban and Cape Town – The price winner is clear

    this is great! next time me, my wife and my son will rather fly down instead of using three different cars.
  17. Easter Bunny

    Openserve killing ISP profits with IPC charges

    when mybb went to openserve to ask for comment:
  18. Easter Bunny

    Coca-Cola launches new returnable bottles in South Africa

    when i was in estonia in 2007, they had vending machines where you put in an empty 500ml bottle and it spits out a couple cents for you. blew my mind. wished we had something like that here. we never got the recycling culture going in south africa. i hate seeing people throw their garbage out...