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    For Sale - Zyxel SBG3300-N Series DSL Router

    Item name: Zyxel SBG3300-N Series DSL Router Age and condition: Still in original packaging and has never been used. Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not used Price: R 500 Location: Johannesburg (Woodmead during business hours; Bartlett, Boksburg during non-business...
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    What to go for?? Afrihost 4mb Uncapped or Afrihost 100gig Offer

    Hey guys, So due to Openweb Discontinuing their 4mb After hours uncapped account, I'm going to have to move to a new account at month end. :whistle: I'm looking for the cheapest alternative for the time being and it seems that with Afrihosts 50% off deal, that's my best option. Now I can...
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    Openweb 4mb Afterhours Uncapped Discontinued

    Hey guys, So if you remember, a few weeks ago Openweb released a limited edition 4mb Uncapped After hours account for R399 per month. Anyway I sent an email off to Openweb today because speeds on the account had been a bit sluggish over the past day or two and I wanted to see if something was...
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    Xbox 360 To Get External Blu-ray Drive

    Not sure if this has been posted already but anyway... Linky ;)
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    Success in PS3 game Pirating

    A Gamer "StreetskaterFU" has found a method to run BluRay games from the PS3 HDD. Now before everyone gets excited and yells "ISO LOADER", this method only works with older games (with older update codes). The games currently confirmed to be working this method are Warhawk, MotorStorm, RFOM...
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    Pioneer unveils 400GB Blu-ray disc Wow...starting to put my Harddrives to shame :o
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    Thinking About Getting a HDTV

    Hey guys, My Birthday is coming up one of these days, and I was actually thinking of getting an HDTV. :) Now I don't have that much money to blow and was looking in the R5000-R10 000 price range. I'm planning on getting a 720p HDTV because I don't think its possible to get a 1080p...