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    Slim Micro-ATX Case Recommendation

    Any recommendations for a slim micro-atx case easily available in SA? I have an old Asus Z97M-PLUS with i7-4790 (stock heatsink) and 1 SSD that I want to reuse for Untangle or pfSense or what ever. I'm looking for a compact/slim case that is minimalist and doesn't take up loads of space, or...
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    PiHole + Stubby Questions

    First off, I'm a Linux and terminal NOOB so I've never got my hands dirty with any of cool stuff I've seen everyone else doing. I know I'm several years late to the party but I finally decided to pull the trigger and got around to: 1) installing Raspbian Buster Lite + PiHole (using LTT PiHole...
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    Outdated Mikrotik RouterOS on Vox FTTH?

    I noticed that the Mikrotik hEX router that Vox installed is running 6.42.6 but the latest release in the "bugfix only" channel (which I assume is the long term stable channel) is 6.44.5. There is a long list of security vulnerabilities that have been fixed in the newer releases and an even...