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  1. Norrad

    Kingdom: Korean series on Netflix

    I was flicking through Netflix yesterday and saw Kingdom come up in my suggestions so I decided to have a look. I wasn't expecting much, but I ended up getting hooked and binging the whole of season 1 last night. I thought it was pretty good and a slightly different take on the whole zombie...
  2. Norrad

    South Africa ranked 37th best country in the world
  3. Norrad

    Final Space

    Noticed it popped up as a Netflix recommendation the other day and I wasn't expecting much from it, but man was I pleasantly surprised. I've never seen an animated series bait you in with humour and then leave you emotionally drained the way this show did. The main character starts off being a...
  4. Norrad

    What do do with 5K per month? Investment advice

    So I decided to get off my ass and create a small passive income stream that is consistently bringing in 5K per month and I'm looking for some advice on what to do with it. Some basic info: 38 years old and self-employed single dad with an 8 year old son. No debt (paid for house and car) other...
  5. Norrad

    Wandering Earth - Chinese Sci-Fi Epic

    I've been waiting for a good Sci-Fi movie for a while and China seems to have hit it out of the park. I didn't have massive hopes when I went to go watch Wandering Earth during a business trip last week, but I must say that I was blown away by it. It definitely ranks up there with some of my...
  6. Norrad

    Someone bought me gifts from Apple apparently!?

    So I wake up this morning and notice that I have notifications that I have packages waiting at my US Aramex Global Shopper address. Apparently someone ordered a new MacBook Air and accessories and had them shipped there (multiple separate orders). I checked some of the order numbers through...