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  1. Knyro

    WATCH: Pig forced to bungee jump at Chinese theme park

    We all know China is bass-ackward when it comes to the treatment of animals but just wow.
  2. Knyro

    [Japan] Woman Stabs Man Because She “Loved Him So Much” The pic on the left is her smiling and laughing in the police car after she was arrested. EDIT: GRAPHIC Uncensored pics on twitter: (replace [dot] with a...
  3. Knyro

    What age would you like to live to?

    I was pondering my eventual demise the other day and wondering how much time I've got left. I've heard people (mostly young silly ones) say they want to go before 55 . That's way too soon IMO. It might seem a long way off if you're 25 but nope, not me. I think a solid 111 would do it for me...
  4. Knyro

    Do you pee in the shower?

    I used to think nobody did this but social media puts this stuff out there :unsure: Personally I think it's disgusting. Never have, never will. I have serious bathroom trust issues with other people now. :eek:
  5. Knyro

    Embedding Posts From Social Media

    I see the new forum software allows posts from social media so I thought I'd test out some tweets and instagram posts. As you can see the tweet is just a link instead of the actual tweet and you can't see the picture in the instagram post, well I can't anyway. Can this be fixed?
  6. Knyro

    Threadkiller LXXVI: The Freeloaders

    Wasting space on your servers with hundreds of thousands of posts full of nonsense. Messing up your databases and spamming traffic with the F5 key. Umad? Btw can I borrow your car?