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  1. ice_cubes

    Rewards programmes that are worth it if you travel alot?

    Hi Guys Just wondering if there's any rewards programmes (linked to credit cards) that are worth looking into for a frequent traveller? I am on Vitality,but sometimes it just doesn't cut it for me in terms of proper discounts/bang for buck. I only have a virgin money credit card & they only...
  2. ice_cubes

    90cm dish - where to buy?

    Any ideas where to get a cheap 90cm satelite dish? Google not helping much :(
  3. ice_cubes

    How to trace a number?

    Some1 has been sending me death threats via sms - phone is obviously off :( How do I go about tracing that number? I opened a case with saps - but I feel i still need to also do something on my side.
  4. ice_cubes

    Cruise Ships

    Hi guys I couldn't find a thread on travelling by CruiseShips - so hopefully this one will do. Who has travelled by cruise ship - which company & destination... What did u like/dislike & any tips? I have been on 2 x cruises before and enjoyed it alot, so I plan to go on more in the near...
  5. ice_cubes

    Which is cheaper? Buying Euros here in SA or?

    So, after the hassles of getting my visa, I finally got it "Yipeeee!" That being done & dusted, next question...whats the cheapest option to get Euro's without breaking the bank? ATM withdrawal when I get to Spain or just buy it here in SA or at the airport?
  6. ice_cubes

    Spain-Schengen visa

    Hey guys - which country gives the least hassles when applying for a schengen visa? I had a not-so-nice experience yesterday at the Spain Visa centre in centurion, I'm actually considering changing my country of entry to France or Portugal :(
  7. ice_cubes


    Just wanted to find out, in order to get a 96hrs visa for it necessary to book my flight strictly via Emirates? I see Ethiopian Airlines has cheaper flights & wanted to use the instead.
  8. ice_cubes

    mobile 3g speedstick/usb modem. - which to buy?

    Hi I want to buy a mobile 3g speedstick/usb modem. Preferably one that takes any network sim card & is fast. any suggestions?