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  1. Park@82

    What are religious people doing during the COVID-19 lockdown?

    "...the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing." To me, religious people seems to be more active now than before.
  2. Park@82

    MTN launches new social bundles - 500MB for R8

    How does one buy these?
  3. Park@82

    50gb for R500 for 180 days

    Can this be used while roaming (mtn)? Or is it cell c data?
  4. Park@82

    Is Covid-19 just a hype?

    Thoughts on this? I don't think he is an MD but he created email so I guess he is not totally retarded. [emoji13]
  5. Park@82

    Quarantined with the P40 Pro

    Nice review @rubber_otter! What is the battery life like with the 90hz screen? Wish I had an HMS phone to try out during lockdown.
  6. Park@82

    My phone from China is in "quarantine". Thankfully.

    No. I think the article was updated. They found RNA traces of the virus after 17 days. I don't think it could still infect anyone.
  7. Park@82

    Lockdown Day 4 - Are you working today?

    Do private hospitals accept covid patients?
  8. Park@82

    Is Covid-19 just a hype?

    How can we know for sure if we don't know the actual number of infected people?
  9. Park@82

    Your 2020 investments...

    Paused my monthly RA contribution for now. Down by around 10% on JSE (EE).
  10. Park@82

    Takealot to stay open during lockdown

    Does the pickup points stay open as well?
  11. Park@82

    Do you think people should be allowed to walk or jog outside during the lockdown?

    Yes. As long as you refrain form getting close to others. Some people are stuk in flats and not getting any sunlight or exercise doesn't seem like a good idea.
  12. Park@82

    Used phone ebay to South Africa

    They are 2k locally with free shipping. So seems cheaper locally?
  13. Park@82

    Emergency pricing controls on toilet paper, hand sanitiser, and masks in South Africa

    Masks are in short supply around the world now. More demand + undersupply = higher price.
  14. Park@82

    Corona virus tips

    We have an infant that is only a couple of weeks old. I would rather try not to risk it at the moment.
  15. Park@82

    Gauteng will be closed. The question is when?

    Apparently it came from the British prime minister, their chief scientific officer and chief medical officer.
  16. Park@82

    Here’s why thousands of South African schools dropped maths as a subject

    I know of one that is on her way to Aus.
  17. Park@82

    Novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Updates & Discussion

    I've heard that people in China are required to wear these at work in order to stop the spread.