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    Telkom LTE shaping Deezer streaming traffic

    I have been unable to stream music through the Deezer app and website this past week. Switching to a 128Kb/s stream did not help either. Did some testing this morning and it appears that Telkom is crippling the stream, everything else (youtube, netflix, etc) works fine, when I run a speed test...
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    Finally, a worthy upgrade from T260??

    found something that I've been waiting for so long now... LED bigger than 24" at a reasonable pricepoint: unfortunately not available here :mad: (yet) let's wait and...
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    switch from cybersmart to axxess

    i want to know from anyone who has done axxectly that, what their experiences were in terms of payments/cancellations/downtime etc etc according to axxess support my line will first have to be transferred from cybersmart to telkom (during which telkom will charge me) and from there I have to...