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    Cat 6 Solid Copper Core network Cable 50m

    Hi just checking if anyone has around 50 meters of cat 6 solid copper core network cable, that they want to sell. Thanks
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    Nothing I can do if the person can't pay for the damage?

    A buddy of mine did the same instead of reporting a minor accident ( a scrape on the side of their car) to their insurance and letting them handle the repairs, he agreed with the person who scraped him to allow the car to be repaired at a well known panel beater as this person was uninsured...
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    P20 LITE w/Golf 7

    Hi there, I had a similar problem with my Golf 7 and P9 lite. Just stopped identifying the phone from a few months ago. I think there was an update on Android or something because it just started working again about a few days ago. Just make sure you use a high quality USB cable or it will...
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    Telkom hold music

    After being on hold with that song playing on and on, you need to go smoke a doobee to get some sanity back...
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    Big Two-Day Giveaway - Win a Google Home mini, an Amazon Echo Dot and an Amazon Fire TV stick

    CLASS LEADING COMFORT Flexible seating and luggage area, Handsfree bluetooth connectivity & Advanced drive assist display
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    Cell Phone for Seniors

    Thank you, this looks interesting, will download and give it a go and see if it makes a difference.
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    Cell Phone for Seniors

    Thanks for the reply. Budget of maybe around R1000. Dont need anything fancy, just a way for her to call anyone when she is not home and needs assistance (thought the whatsapp capability would be good as her children overseas can call her). I think she might battle with the blackberry's tiny...
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    Cell Phone for Seniors

    Hi All I need some help in finding a decent cell phone for my grand mother. It needs to have a physical keypad, wifi and capable of having Whatsapp (for calls specifically) installed. I have tried to teach her use to a full touch phone (Samsung S6) but I have not succeeded due to her rheumatoid...
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    Crayfish tails

    I learnt a method from a local fishermen I met at Port St Johns of cleaning crayfish by making a cut either side of the joint of the tail and body leaving about 2mm in the center. Twisting out the remaining joint and pulling removes the path of food to the anus easily (not sure what the...
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    Budget headphones (R300 budget)

    I bought a pair of Sennheiser HD 202 for around R300 a few years ago at Govan Manis. It has really good sound quality, comfort and weight for what I thought was entry level headphones. I'm no audiophile but I find they are really close in sound quality to some newer headphones which cost like...
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    VW Golf 7 1.4 TSI Service Schedule

    I'm sure your dealership can assist you with a list of whats done in a 90000km service. I asked the service department receptionist about the 45000km service and they provided me with a list of what was to be changed and what checks were to be done for that particular service. My then Golf 6 had...
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Completely different effect and experience than smoking, also depends on what quality product you use I suppose. I bought my first vape, a Magic Flight Launch Box about 6 years ago and had some difficulty at first but later on was really good after some practice and research (correct grinding...
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    New Two-Day Giveaway - Enter Now

    Veeam Backup Essentials
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    Win an Amazon Echo in this Two-Day Giveaway

    Mimecast protects against email-borne ransomware. With a combination of security, continuity, and backup and recovery services, Mimecast helps to prevent ransomware from landing in your organization. This ensures employees can continue to work during an attack, and archive email data in a...
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Enter Now

    Veeam offers data protection solutions for the multi-cloud enterprise with our strong alliance partnerships and seamless technology integrations with the leading cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft Cloud, IBM Cloud, and over 16,000 managed cloud providers. In addition, Veeam has new...