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    Don't buy these stolen batteries

    Had an installer say they could offer a refurbished Vodacom tower battery because they replace them every x years but they're still good for many more cycles... now I wonder if that is true or whether it was one of these stolen ones.
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    Government's plan to create a new power utility is "utter madness"

    Funny how pretty much nothing in the article nor the DA's comments actually seems to line up with what was actually said or suggested:
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    Windows 10 now shows unremovable ads

    The article headline makes it sound like you get advertising blasted on your desktop or need to watch a 5 minute ad before opening up an app. Meanwhile it is a line of text in mail. I'm not chuffed, but it is hardly anything major.
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    Uber Eats vs Mr D Food - 2019 pricing comparison

    My experience was the complete opposite. There was a messup with our order. The restaurant was happy to correct the issue but we couldn't get a refund nor arrange a re-order through Uber Eats. Uber Eats took over an hour to revert to me and basically washed their hands saying "they only provide...
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    The first smartphones made in South Africa - All the details

    Exactly. Last I checked there were literally a handfull of chipset, memory and screen/panel manaufacturers in the world. As in even iPhones use a Samsung screens and memory. Now suddenly we expect Mara to become a chipset, memory and screen manufacturer all for what's probably a small scale...
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    Is it worth having a VPN

    How does one prevent leaking DNS?
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    Your smartphone can be confiscated if you use it while driving in Cape Town

    Headline is misleading and of course all those who practice recreational outrage jump up waving their arms without actually reading the article. They're talking about unclaimed phones that they've been sitting with for 4 to 5 years and the article does state that there are multiple...
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    Current ISP doesnt want to release line early

    Replied to the post in the Cool Ideas feedback thread. No reference and it is Vumatel.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 2

    It is Vumatel. I don't have a reference, only email chain as I was told I can't request cancellation through your portal, only via email. I got a confirmation of the cancellation and the portal says there is a pending cancellation request but that's it.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 2

    Sad to say but whilst they were great initially my experience with Cool Ideas has just kept going from bad to worse. I'd love to say at least I don't have to deal with Cool Ideas anymore but I can't even get my line released even though the notice period is over. They kept messing up my personal...
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    Current ISP doesnt want to release line early

    I tried to get Cool Ideas to release early. They ignored my emails, repeatedly, and it was going to at least 3 people at Cool Ideas including the general mailbox. The month rolled over. And now they still haven't released it even though the notice period has concluded. Dear ISPs, refusing to...
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    Honest opinions about this deal please

    Cell-C is basically bankrupt. Be careful of it if you're relying on it for longer term as there is no guarantee the roaming on MTM will continue if they go under.
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    Alleged resurfacing of Bitcoin creator draws skepticism from experts

    Well, from the article the guy claiming to be the creator "Caan, who shares the same name as the American actor best known for his roles in “The Godfather” and “Misery,” said his Bitcoins were lost after a computer malfunction lead to a loss of his computer hard drive, storing them."
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    Alleged resurfacing of Bitcoin creator draws skepticism from experts

    Because Satoshi Nakamoto was a pseudonym, the article didn't seem to explain that though.
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    Importer Registration Service

    Hi all, has anybody used one of those services that do the whole importer registration process for you and get you an importers code? If so who did you use and would you recommend them? Just looking for a reference or two.
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    Afrihost launches Pure Fibre – No shaping, throttling, or usage limits

    @AfriFella I'll send you a PM hopefully someone can contact me to assist. Vumatel/Britelink are being complete plonkers with respect to getting an installation done and I got sick of trying to get the previous ISP we signed up for to assist.
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    Afrihost launches Pure Fibre – No shaping, throttling, or usage limits

    Interesting, just got an sms saying my router will be delivered today, even though I'm still waiting for the line migration which will happen end of August thanks to the calendar month notice.
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    The fibre war has kicked off in South Africa

    Cool Ideas 1Gbps is only that speed for local data and 100mbps for international. From what I can see the other ISPs don't have the same limitation so probably not a valid comparison.
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    Afrihost launches Pure Fibre – No shaping, throttling, or usage limits

    Well that's the problem right? You would have to pay the cancellation fee and then the new migration fee to whatever ISP you choose to move back to.