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  1. satanboy

    Volcano Vaporizer (Storz & Bickel)

    Item name: Volcano Vaporizer (Storz & Bickel) Age and condition: 3-4 years (excellent condition) Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Need a more portable device Price: R5,000 Negotiable: Yes Location: Century City Collection: Yes (Cash only) This is the NON digital...
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    Chewing Gum

    How do you dispose of used gum?
  3. satanboy

    SA wonder plant removes more CO2 than Amazon
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    Do you wear "Slim Fit" shirts?

    Do you wear "Slim Fit" shirts? I hate tight-fitting clothing.
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    I need a better alternative than the rubbish Ellies multiplugs. These things hardly ever last longer than a year. APC looks good, but does anyone have experience with these: I like the look of the Allocacoc, but can't find with longer than 1.5m lead: Any suggestions?
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    Profile Posts

    I suggest the "Profile Post" section that everyone can see when someone posts there, to be closed.
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    PS5 update: fresh Sony PlayStation leak hints at new PSP 5G companion console

    The rumour mill may be buzzing with news of the forthcoming PS5 and all the amazing games sure to accompany it, but it's not the only gaming project Sony is reportedly working on. A new leak reveals Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a patent for a new, yet familiar-looking hardware format...
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    The Crazy Store

    This is a good one.
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    Fallout 76: Chronicle Recalls Power Armor Collectible Helmets Due to Risk of Mold Exposure

    Name of product: Power Armor Collectible Helmets Hazard: Mold can be present on the fabric insert inside the helmet, posing a risk of respiratory or other infections in individuals with compromised immune systems, damaged lungs or an allergy to mold. Remedy: Refund Recall date: September 19...
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    Epic Games Store paid £8.43 million for Control exclusive

    Epic Games Store exclusives are everyone’s favourite subject that nobody dreads writing about at all. Fortunately, some specific numbers have recently emerged to hopefully replace the speculation. Remedy Entertainment’s Control was subject to an exclusivity deal, as we reported back in March...
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    Friday 13th

    Has anything bad happened to you today?
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    A Swedish scientist suggested the climate crisis could lead people to consider eating human flesh.

    Last week, behavioural scientist Magnus Söderlund posed a controversial question at a seminar in Sweden: Can you imagine eating human flesh? As global temperatures continue to rise, Söderlund said in a talk at the Gastro Summit in Stockholm, the consequences for agriculture could cause food to...
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    Is Thanos dead? [spoilers]

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    11 Genius Ways To End Any Argument, No Matter What

    While it's perfectly OK to have the occasional argument, there's nothing fun or healthy about disagreements that just won't quit. Whether you and your partner are fighting over something big, or something seemingly insignificant (like who should do the dishes), it's always good to know how to...
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    Have you tried it? Will you try it? How will you consume it? How was the experience? I haven't, but will one day. I think I would prefer to smoke it.
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    Twitch Prime worth it?

    Twitch Prime worth it?
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    New Gran Turismo Confirmed

    Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi confirms that the development team at Polyphony Digital has started work on the next Gran Turismo game. The last game in the popular racing series was Gran Turismo Sport, a game which split critics and Gran Turismo fans for several reasons. Speaking...
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    What do bimonthly and biweekly mean?

    Many people are puzzled about bimonthly and biweekly, which are often ambiguous because they are formed from two different senses of bi-: "occurring every two" and "occurring two times." This ambiguity has been in existence for nearly a century and a half and cannot be eliminated by the...
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    Eating at work

    We have designated areas with tables and couches to chill, watch tv, eat and drink tea/coffee etc. The boss has numerous times indicated that we are not allowed to eat at our desks. I stopped eating in the designated area a while ago due to the following reasons (in order of importance): Nosy...