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  1. Gnome

    Cybersmart monitoring for outages?

    Hi guys Last night at exactly 11pm by Fiber went off and according to my router only recovered this morning. I tried calling but the call center is simply closed. Do these guys even monitor their services? I don't understand how my router has more automation than an ISP. In my company I get...
  2. Gnome

    Cybersmart DNS failure?

    Hi all Anyone else having a partial failure type situation to a lot of US based sites? Looks like DNS lookups do not resolve: Hmm that is different :unsure:
  3. Gnome

    "Silent" PC, who's interested or done it?

    So I hate noisy PC's. I've been building quiet PCs for a while now but every time I build a new one I try to better my previous build. I've done 5 quiet PCs so far. Thought I'd get some input from others, and post my latest build for those whom are interested. I'll update the thread once I'm...
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    Stores that sell metal clip SATA cables

    I'm looking for a store that sells SATA cables with the metal clip at the front that prevents the SATA connector from slipping off. They look like this: I've looked on Take2 and Prophecy, neither of whom sell them, any input appreciate as to where I can locate them!