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    UCT first day arrival

    I will be arriving at UCT on Monday 2nd Feb. Will I be able to sign in to res if I only have a letter of academic offer.My online housing status indicates that I have been offered a place in Leo Marquard hall, However I have not received any letter regarding accommodation offer( not even sure...
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    Career in Physics and Mathematics

    Hey everyone I will be doing first year Bsc in Physics and Mathematics next year.I will like to pursue a career as a Physicist(Theoretical) or Mathematician(eitheir pure or applied), I will like to know what are job prospects for this careers in South Africa and which is the best in terms of job...
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    UCT admission and bursary award

    Hey guys I need help I applied to study at UCT next year but the problem is that I chose not to classify my race when I applied but now I realised that I am being administered in open category whereas I should be administered in redress category accordingly.I sent many emails and faxes to the...
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    Grade 12 Final examinations and distinctions

    Hey guys,How true is it that: 1.If you get (80 )% in grade 12 final examination,cass is not considered if it lowers your marks. 2.You need minimum of 3 distinctions to make it into provincial top 100(I thought they consider total average). 3.You need a 100% in Maths and Physics/Accounting to...